Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not a good day~

Hey all> not much time to type, need to get back to the hospital with Steffanee. She was taken by ambulance again yesterday to the University. Seems her episodes are moving into her neck, shoulder and throat area, making it difficult to breathe. She had another last night after she fell asleep, observed by many that had never seen anything like it. (familiar?)
Today I went to get her information from her hair analysis. Interesting information to say the least. When I get time, I will TRY to break it down. It's called Nutritional Information~ my new folder that is. : )
My girl is having a very hard time is breaking my heart. I had to have a good cry yesterday and was very angry. Not with anyone, just the entire situation. I am sick to death of dealing with this and watching her struggle.
Another Psych came to chat with her today. I try to keep rolling with it. She did clear her today. Said she was a bright articulate young lady. Well, yeah....and???? She decided that she isn't suppressing anything. DUH. So, maybe now Dr. P will move past that. Doesn't matter, when we get out of the hospital, we are getting yet another opinion with another Dr. Hopefully, he will start from his own opinions, instead of following up on Dr. P's like Dr. C did. Okay, I need a shower and to get back to my new job. Keep us in your prayers, please.

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