Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Specimen Results and The Plan.

Steff got the results from her Blood/Stool/Saliva Specimens. I had a tough time dealing with the results, somehow, I expected SOME good news. Didn't get it. Dr. Cowan, however, does feel that we can "get there"... Not sure if I had been in denial, or perhaps had somewhat accepted the way things had been with Steff's health. Either way, at that visit, I realized she was not a very healthy young lady. I hesitated to post on the blog and tried very hard to keep all the new information to myself. I know Friends, Family, People in general, get tired of hearing it. BUT, we are now a few months into Dr. C's care and I'm seeing Good Things. Ready to Share.
Her Saliva Test results were very close, if not worse, than they were when Dr. Mark tested a couple of years back. She is allergic to Gluten (We knew that one!), and eggs. The egg allergy was a surprise. Steff feels that hearing it from the DR makes it more real ~ she has been very committed to being Gluten and Egg Free. Her Cortisol is still out of control, Dr. C believes this is due to her Adrenal Glands. Her Blood work showed her Low on Iron, not anemic, and high inflammation in her body. The Stool Specimen detected bad bacteria in her gut.
Her healing started in her GUT.. Dr. C put her on Paragard and a Probiotic, then added Phytofuge. This, along with a better diet, has made a difference. Her tummy, which has always seemed bloated and round has flattened. Her bowels are better than they have ever been. TMI, I know, but it matters. LOL
SO, after that, we did blood work again, expecting to see an improvement. Didn't happen. Her inflammation did NOT improve and neither did the other thing he was watching. LOL I have a hard time with some of this, OBVIOUSLY. Better to not try to explain something I don't understand.. right?? So, needless to say, we were bummed. I took her to get more blood pulled for more allergy testing. The results just came in, our appointment is Aug 31 for that follow up.
In the meantime, along with being GF and Egg Free, she is on Adrenal Care, along with support for her liver, Magnesium, Iron & I believe that's all. She has more energy than she has in a long time, doesn't have fatigue nearly as bad. So.. I feel that things are headed in the right direction, yet again.
She moved back into the Sorority House on Aug 4. She was very busy for 2 weeks, preparing for RUSH week, then doing RUSH week. Long hours and a lot of work. She survived and seemed to be doing fine.. This is an improvement over the last two years.
After Steffanee's initial visit, we changed her diet. 25 grams of Protein and 8-10 grams of fiber for each meal. We ate like this all summer, only to send her off to college in HOPES that she has developed some good food habits. Agh.....
On a little heavier note... I have noticed on Mercks advertisements in magazines for Gardasil, the list of possible side effects NOW list all the symptoms that Steffanee suffered, including seizures, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, swollen glands, leg pain, bad stomach ache, the list goes on... in the ad, as well. Things that make you go hmmmmmm..........
Good Day Folks!