Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are Home......

Hey! We're home! ; ) Guess that means I probably should cook or something. Steff had a good trip home, she slept most of the way, truthfully, so did I. She had a rough evening last night when we went to bed. We survived~ guess that was a message that this isn't over. You KNOW me, I"m the up and down girl! I guess Dave is going to check more into getting a sauna for the house tomorrow. Maybe if we can get her to sweat some of the toxins out, it would help. That's where my brain is. Sauna in the AM, Sauna in the PM. I'll be looking into other things tomorrow. She needs to call Lucas Photo and reschedule her outside shots> that will be fun. Hope we get to do that this week, we'll see. I'm off to spend time with the family and kitties~ THEY are really glad we are home! Have a good one.

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