Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Last Day in MN~revised 7:27

We will be on our way home bright and early in the morning. I really miss my kitties, friends, family, you name it. Steff and Dave are pretty much the same. Seems we haven't been home much since Jan. ~ at least it was Jan 2009!! LOL
The MRI went well for Steff, it was only 30 min, luckily. Her feet started moving toward the end of it. It's hard for her to lay for any length of time in one position. It's done. DR#1 was supposed to call with results, it's after 6, haven't heard anything. The word is prob normal ~ ah, Dave just called, it is normal. Normal. I'm beginning to wonder what that really means. I'll research that later. ; ) Frustration will be my research after that.
My little brain has been on overload all day, as many of you know. I have a 17 yr old girl whose world was turned upside down on Feb 2, for no apparent reason. I am glad to report that the twitching and jerking her body does is now limited to sleeping time. This is good.
Not sure it will stay that way, but there's another thing to hope for. She has gotten lots of rest here. We walked and talked quite a bit today about the situation. We will have to arrive at answers that work for all of us. I won't push today or tomorrow, but will continue to be open with her on our decisions. Any nurses or DRs out there with suggestions, shoot them over~ at this point I feel we have exhausted traditional medicine and will have to search other options. I am certainly OPEN to new and fresh ideas. I will follow up with Dr. F, with the hair anaylsis. Dave just wanted to check out one thing at a time, so that's what we have been doing. I'll get back to reading, researching and seeing what is working for the other girls and moms that have also found this little duck. ; )
I'm back on the loose> with a smile on my face. I do feel that Steffanee has gotten better since Feb 2. and with the biofeedback, things should improve more. I also feel that with the fight in her, we will get there it's just going to take time. Here's to her drinking tons of distilled water, doing saunas, getting plenty of rest, eating healthy and checking out that new beginner Yoga CD we borrowed. Sounds like a plan to me. ; ) See many of you tomorrow. Love Ya!!

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