Monday, April 13, 2009

Round Three

We took Steff to the hospital again on Sat. evening around 2-3 AM. They kept her and we're still there. Dr. Hussein came and spoke with her on Sunday for quite a while. She passed the test, seems she isn't suppressing anything. (for the FOURTH time!) Dr. Patel will move on now for sure ~ hoping to the Gardasil side effects and figure out how to fix this, while we are waiting for the Mayo Clinic. He is calling this morning to let them know this is an emergency. And an emergency it is> I cannot keep watching her eyes roll completely back into her head. Besides, her eyes are sore and burn all the time now. NOT to mention the rest of that little body.
I just wanted to touch base, I'm off to work. Dave and I are doing the hospital stay different this time. Instead of both of us staying all the time, we are rotating. I spent the night last night ~ but didn't get much sleep, Steff had a very VERY restless night. Anyway, I'll blog again when I get a chance. Just wanted to touch base ~ no visitors please. We want her to rest and let her body get some rest ~ it has to be VERY tired. Prayers are good. : )

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