Friday, April 17, 2009

It's STILL Friday..

Hey> We finally were let go from the hospital. I told Dave it was feeling like a hostage situation. lol Another DR came in and talked with Steff. They chatted about ways she can help herself through these episodes. He gave her 2 CD's on relaxation. We already have 1 from Kate & Sandra. Healing Waters~ I love it. He also was teaching her about breathing from her diaphram. I'm assuming it's like "finding your center" in dance. Correct me if that is not a good comparison. She listened and I'm hoping this helps to mellow things out. I know it won't happen over night, but I hope it helps. Regardless of what is going on in that little body, coping techniques are good for anyone. I'm thinking this is a postive thing.
Not overly impressed with DR#2, guess you all picked up on that. : ) We "chatted" for quite a while today. Did I say chatted? Call it what you want. Perhaps, debated? Doubt we would be friends in real life. HA! I respect her knowledge and education, but prob not her presentation. I didn't tell her that. Personally I think she needs to work on a little bedside manner. But hey> who am I to her? LOL Wait> I'm the MOM, the one paying the bill. : )
Dave keeps reminding me that we have driven a long way for their opinion, so let them do their job. (other words..STOP TELLING THEM IT'S THE GARDASIL.) I really don't think I tell them that, I just simply throw it out there. Simply a suggestion. Simply my point of view. I really would like it to NOT be it. But at least look to see if it is. AHHHH! I said I was not going to do this. I'm done.
I want to stick with the positive things we are learning here. We are here to learn and make her better. Sorry. Guess since he doesn't want me to voice it there... I'm wanting to voice it here! LOL Did I say in my "about me" that I don't have strong opinions?? I lied. When it comes to my kids... guess I do!! HA.
We've had dinner and are planning on a nice relaxing evening. We've watched a lot of movies! I think Mr. Dave is giving into the Mall Of America for tomorrow. Here's the deal. Since it's a big mall, he wants to take a wheel chair. She balked. I said> hey girl! AGREE> that way we will have somewhere to put our packages! : ) I'm a happy woman tonight! I'm off to spend time with them in the room. Think positive thoughts and keep her on your prayer list, please.
Bocky74-shoot me an email, please. You made me smile. I'll explain to you about detox. Sounds much easier than it is, esp since she's 17 instead of 12. She was easier to boss around at 12. : ) BUT TRUST ME> I'm working on a detox plan that doesn't look like a detox plan to her!

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