Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday...

Hey! okay. We found out today that we will be here until at least Tuesday PM. Her last DR appointment will be that afternoon, not sure what time yet. She finishes her tests on Tues AM, then we follow up with the DR to get all the results. At least that's what I get. Her EEG w/video was normal naturally. Normal. I mean, it's good her brain is okay. I just hope something shows up, somewhere. She gets her MRI on Monday & Tues AM I think. We are still at the hospital, waiting for the biofeedback DR to get here. He will teach her how to handle these muscle things. How to make life easier for all of us. This in itself is important, b/c we are at a loss as to how to help her. We will be here in the hospital until the DR makes it over here to see her. It's a beautiful day outside, hope we get out to enjoy it when he's finished. If not, tomorrow is another day. Steff is begging to check out the Mall Of America> we all know that looking at stuff is not her thing> she's like me....she likes to buy. I keep reminding her she has that debit card! : )
If we make it, fine, if not, fine too. Probably the closest we will be to it though. We'll see. Dave is NOT a shopper of any kind. He runs in, grabs what he went for, and he's outa there. DEF not our kind of shopping! LOL
Hope to report more later. So far, pretty happy with this place. I was happy at the University too! I would be much happier if we could figure this out........later

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  1. I would just like to take a minute of your time to let you know that I think you are wonderful people. I would not have been so understanding with all the "normals" you have been getting, I am writing this i guess first of all because this is all i can do for your family besides pray! but also to let you know that I am originally from Linn, Mo. and have moved to Quincy Il. but a friend of mine back home sent me this blog in an email and i havent been able to stop talking about or looking at this blog , I have spread the word about steff and have warned people about the guardisil because I too feel that it is the shot. not that you havent but cant you demand that they detox her of the shot? not that you havent tried but just trying to help here. thanks so much for blogging to let us all know, and I look forward to hearing from you again, GOOD news!! keep your head up and know that you and your husband are both amazing people!