Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're Back..............

We returned yesterday from a much needed vacation. It was FANTASTIC! Would love to go back, today. : ) We didn't need any jeans or jackets the entire time we were in Cancun. It was beautiful weather and an absolutely wonderful resort. Steff & Sadie got along GREAT ~ not that I was worried, but that many hours together could wear on anyone. When Steff needed alone, quiet time, Sadie hung out 'guy watching' on the beach. (not that Steff didn't do her share!) Steff usually took her alone time laying on her tummy by the pool on the lounger.
We got to watch the TIGERS beat Memphis, and they spared us the loss to UConn ~ we saw the score, but not the game. LOL Dave recorded it, so he can watch that by himself! : ) Back to Cancun ~ food was great ~ we ate a lot of fresh fruit. We tried sushi, Steff always wants me to go eat it with her here, but no thanks. Since it was free, I tried it and liked it! Not the fish, just the veggie ones. We ate Japanese, and that was very good. Could have prob done without the Saki ~ UGH!!! Days seemed long, prob b/c we were up early and out of the room. We all four enjoyed every single minute we were gone. : )
Okay, now about Steff. We watched her fight off a few episodes, by moving around and stretching out. I was aware on Sunday pm that her head was doing that twitching thing. nice. So, our vacation was not incident free, but totally fun. Steff had an episode in the airport on the way home, and yet another after she sat for 2 1/2 hours on the plane. They had to wheel chair her off the plane. She was embarrassed, but life goes on. We didn't get much sleep on Sunday evening, so I knew she was tired and lacking on rest. We even gave her a full muscle relaxer before we left the airport. That didn't stop it.
Besides being tired, she didn't put her back brace on, not sure why she didn't. She did wear it on the flight out, and did fine. But she also had plenty of rest before we left. We survived it.
She left for school today, looking tired and wondering if she would be able to sit all day. She didn't make it. Around ten, again in Stats, she had another episode. Dave went and got her, we gave her 1/2 muscle relaxer and she knocked out until just a few minutes ago. Here's to hoping she gets her homework done, eats dinner and heads to bed early. I will insist she wear her brace tomorrow. I don't have any results from the 24 hour spec or the hair yet. I will post both as soon as I get word. One thing Steff did say that stuck in my mind today: it felt good to be in Cancun, where no one was asking me how I was doing and if I was okay. I think she felt normal again there. Sadie handled things with her real well. We left the medical issues at home, the best we could. Okay, I'm off to fix dinner~ not my fav, but it has to be done!!

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