Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're Back..............

We returned yesterday from a much needed vacation. It was FANTASTIC! Would love to go back, today. : ) We didn't need any jeans or jackets the entire time we were in Cancun. It was beautiful weather and an absolutely wonderful resort. Steff & Sadie got along GREAT ~ not that I was worried, but that many hours together could wear on anyone. When Steff needed alone, quiet time, Sadie hung out 'guy watching' on the beach. (not that Steff didn't do her share!) Steff usually took her alone time laying on her tummy by the pool on the lounger.
We got to watch the TIGERS beat Memphis, and they spared us the loss to UConn ~ we saw the score, but not the game. LOL Dave recorded it, so he can watch that by himself! : ) Back to Cancun ~ food was great ~ we ate a lot of fresh fruit. We tried sushi, Steff always wants me to go eat it with her here, but no thanks. Since it was free, I tried it and liked it! Not the fish, just the veggie ones. We ate Japanese, and that was very good. Could have prob done without the Saki ~ UGH!!! Days seemed long, prob b/c we were up early and out of the room. We all four enjoyed every single minute we were gone. : )
Okay, now about Steff. We watched her fight off a few episodes, by moving around and stretching out. I was aware on Sunday pm that her head was doing that twitching thing. nice. So, our vacation was not incident free, but totally fun. Steff had an episode in the airport on the way home, and yet another after she sat for 2 1/2 hours on the plane. They had to wheel chair her off the plane. She was embarrassed, but life goes on. We didn't get much sleep on Sunday evening, so I knew she was tired and lacking on rest. We even gave her a full muscle relaxer before we left the airport. That didn't stop it.
Besides being tired, she didn't put her back brace on, not sure why she didn't. She did wear it on the flight out, and did fine. But she also had plenty of rest before we left. We survived it.
She left for school today, looking tired and wondering if she would be able to sit all day. She didn't make it. Around ten, again in Stats, she had another episode. Dave went and got her, we gave her 1/2 muscle relaxer and she knocked out until just a few minutes ago. Here's to hoping she gets her homework done, eats dinner and heads to bed early. I will insist she wear her brace tomorrow. I don't have any results from the 24 hour spec or the hair yet. I will post both as soon as I get word. One thing Steff did say that stuck in my mind today: it felt good to be in Cancun, where no one was asking me how I was doing and if I was okay. I think she felt normal again there. Sadie handled things with her real well. We left the medical issues at home, the best we could. Okay, I'm off to fix dinner~ not my fav, but it has to be done!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday AM

Today is THE day! All smiles here. I'm feeling better about it. I took Steff to a Dr. yesterday that sent off hair samples for analysis. This should tell us what we are dealing with in her system. She's a holistic Dr. Not sure I spelled that correctly, but you get the point. Also, I will be dropping off that 24 hour jug : ) at Boone today. SO> possibly some progress can be made while I'm out slacking off. No, Steff wasn't too happy to give the hair up~ I about died, I thought they took a couple of strands with the roots. Nope, they cut 2 nice chunks of hair from the back of her head. Her face was priceless......mine prob was too. It's just hair. Not sure if the insurance will cover this, but I will make an attempt. Doesn't matter, I think it's a good idea.
The girls are coming over to learn about our cats and take care of our house. This takes a big load off while we are out laying in the Mexico sun. Great friends!!
Some people seem to surprised that we are dragging Steffanee off to Cancun with all this going on. My answer~ what can it hurt? She has them here, she can have them there. We are hoping she doesn't, but we'll deal with it. It's not like we are in any process of fixing something and are interrupting it. We know that all her tests are normal. Normal kids go to Cancun. (sarcasm). We will take good care of her and to me, this is giving her a break from all the DR. stuff. We will not be discussing medical junk down there. Besides, I scheduled this in November, before she started having these episodes. There you have it. : ) Life is good and keeps on going................

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Hello all. Another beautiful day in Missouri! : ) Steff worked a long shift yesterday. She made it, but was very tired when she got home. When I met her for dinner at 5, her back was hurting, she ate and took 2 IB's. She looked good, but tired. I was in contact with Leslie, from www.holyhormones.com yesterday. I questioned her about how to find out if the Gardasil is doing this. Her response was again, that we need to get her detoxed and we need to do it the right way. She gave me a Dr. in Colorado to contact, he's similar to Dr. Flannery in CA. I plan to do that on Monday. Hoping he has a contact here in MO to work through. In the meantime, we are getting things ready for Cancun, along with watching the TIGERS! Steff is working again today 12-6. Since we don't feel it is safe for her to drive yet, we are taking her to and from. She says she feels like she's 14 again. Oh well.........
I slept (layed) with her last night to observe her while sleeping. I did give her a full muscle relaxer before bed. She arched out 2 times, but it stayed calm. Her left leg twisted a few times, but she still had a full night of rest. I asked her this AM about how she slept, and she said she slept good. I don't think either of these things woke her up, which is good. I was curious if the relaxer would make the episodes lighter. Guess that answer would be yes. Of course, that was just one night, after a LONG work day. I'm hoping we are on the right track/train, whatever it takes.
Dave brought it to my attention on Friday, that I need to stop saying, "I want my girl back". He says it makes her feel like she has become someone else. Didn't realize how that came across until he put it that way. What I meant was~ That happy go lucky smiling, laughing, happy girl she was before this started. She's trying to be that girl. I need to let that go and work on getting her over this. We plan to do the 24 hour specimen thing on Monday, I'll drop it off on Tuesday.
Not sure how long that will take, but I did cancel her appt with Dr. C on the 24th. We might follow up with him after the UA results get back.
Not much going on here, laundry, dishes, that kind of stuff!! YUCK! Aaliyah is here until Monday evening. She will stay home with Steff on Monday. She's an easy kid to have around. She's watching Grease ~ and has not left the TV. Grease was always one of Steff's favorites too! Oh well, have a good day~ I plan to know more on Monday. Later.......................................

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday March 20, 2009

Hey! It's Friday, the Tigers won. Steffanee made the Varsity Football Squad for cheerleading, which is what she wanted. I would say it was a good day. Not much happening with Steff since Tuesday. My brain has been 'whirling' though. Guess that's not a new thing. We leave for Cancun on Tuesday. Instead of thinking of going on vacation, I'm thinking that will be 7 days that I won't be able to make phone calls and appointments. I'm planning to tie up some loose ends on Monday. Dr. P sent the referral papers to the Infectious Disease Specialist on Monday. I haven't heard from them. I'll call on Monday to see where that stands and hopefully make an appointment. The orthopaedic Dr. said since nothing showed up on the bone scan, that he would like to do a MRI on her spinal cord and muscles. BUT we have to give the brace a chance to fix her first. SO, we see him in 3 weeks~ he'll probably schedule it at that time. There is a part of me that thinks that's a good idea, then again, everything is coming up normal, so it prob will too. In my heart, I really feel it's the Gardasil. I feel it more each day. The parallels with the other girls that sticks in my head~ all the tests come back normal, yet they are having unexplained problems like Steff. Not necessarily the same, but similar. All tests are normal. I wish I could find someone that would know how to test for the Gardasil. I'm not sure how that would work, but surely there is some way to know if that is what is causing all these violent episodes. Maybe I'll search for that on Monday~ not sure how, but I'll start from scratch and work from there. I am so sick of watching her go through this. I know she is sick of it as well. There is something happening to her body> I wish someone could figure it out and make it stop.
She's spending tonight with some of the cheerleaders. It's Friday, the end of a long week. I hope she does okay. I worry to death about her, unless she's with girls that know how to handle the situation and her. I hope she is having fun and enjoying herself. She works tomorrow~ here's to hoping it's a good night for her. Later.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday PM

Hello All. Tuesday was a full day, to say the least. We went to get the dye injected for the bone scan, all went well. We went out to lunch and shopping (of course), waiting for 1:30, to return for the bone scan. I got all our tanning, sunscreen and aloe vera gel for Cancun while we were out. The bone scan went real well, until the last 10 minutes. I noticed her hands folding in and her toes moving, I could tell she was fighting an episode. Once they got her out of the machine and unstrapped her body> the episode started and went for quite a while. One nurse wanted to take her down to the ER. I'm like....why? We know what is going on, we've been there 2 times already. Anyway, they called a nurse to help, then she paged Dr. Patel. We were having quite the gathering. Dave exited to use the Men's room> NOT! He just needed to get out and get air. It was crowded in there, not to mention the fact that he was watching Steff struggle through the episode. He opened the door, and I could tell he was having a hard time. I went to him, had him lean against the wall, then he slid down it. He was "white" and clammy. They threw him on a bed, took his vitals and took care of him. I was going back and forth. There were med students with Steff, who were very good with her. I also appreciated the very nice, concerned nurse we had. Long story longer, they gave her a shot of benedryl and sent us out. Dr. Patel also gave her a script for a muscle relaxer- how many times did I ask for that? So, she now takes 1/2 at bedtime, then next week (no school) we will increase it to 1 a day, and see what happens. Dr. P is still stuck on the "something has happened to her" and this is her way of telling us. I, again, disagree. I told him to prove to me that the Gardasil is NOT doing this and I'll be open to your "stressed" theory. He said we can both work on what we think it is, then we will get together and discuss it. He called me today at work with an appointment with a Psychologist for her. I'll take her, b/c what can it hurt? In the meantime, I'm going to call the Infectious Medicine Spec back to see when we can get in, and if they can help determine what is going on. BTW, the bone scan was normal. All the tests are normal. So what is causing this? and why won't it stop?
I also went to Boone Hospital Lab today and got the jug for her 24 hour urine speciman. NICE! It has to be kept cold. I'm thinking the bar downstairs...LOL not really. I'll prob get a cooler to keep in her bathroom. This is for Dr. C in SL to check for copper content.
There's my day for Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh yeah! I worked today. Tired and crabby, but I worked. I think I pretty much covered it all. We are not any closer today than we were last week. I did forget to mention, it seems to be going into her shoulders and neck. Nice. I guess this happened at cheer practice. She told me when she got home. The episode yesterday involved her neck/head more than I have ever noticed. I'm done. Catch you when I know something OR if anything more happens to this girl!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday PM

We had a very long exhausting day. Steff had several episodes at the hospital, toward the end of her bone scan. During these episodes, Dave slid down the wall. So, I was there with both of them in bed with issues. Did I ever blog that NURSING IS NOT MY CALLING?!? Just wondering. I'm tired, my allergies are getting to me, I'll post tomorrow. Believe me, I have lots to post. Everyone is home, alive, and in bed. Except me, of course. I'm headed to sleep with our little medical mystery. I'll try to post after work and errands tomorrow. Have a good day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday PM

Hey! Slow day for us. We went shopping with friends to get ready for Cancun. Steff was tired, but UP for shopping. LOL She didn't have that little shine in her eyes today, nor did she have much tolerance. (w/me). go figure. On our way home, I realized she didn't wear her brace, so her back was hurting. She didn't want to deal with it while trying on clothes. Plan for next time: at least have it in the car so when we're finished, she can put it on. Yep, we bought quite a bit. I KNOW~ Like she needs clothes. Anyway, we had a pretty good afternoon. Friends came over again tonight to watch the TIGERS WIN!! Yay! Char brought dinner> which was really good. Speg pie, garlic bread, an awesome Italian salad and mint brownies. It was delicious. Steff hung with us to eat and watch the game, but was more interested in talking about her purchases. lol She was laughing and hanging in there for the win! She planned on going out tonight, but was too tired.
That's about all I know today. Nothing new to report on the medical front.

Sat 2 AM

Hey Guys. I missed work today, I didn't sleep much on Thursday night. My wheels wouldn't stop turning. I got up with Steff this morning and saw her off to school. She looked really cute when she left. We went out to dinner this evening with a few friends, then they came over to watch the Tigers> they won! Steff fell asleep on the couch downstairs after the game. About 30 minutes later she went into a violent, long episode. It lasted 35 minutes. Our friends were still here. I really don't think anyone is prepared to witness what she goes through. She was very uncomfortable and in quite a bit of pain, during and after.
Today I received that email about the Chillicothe girl and Gardasil. In the email, I noticed a name and number for infectious diseases. When I spoke with the SL Dr. I asked him if there was any way they could tell if the Gardasil was doing this to her. He said an infectious disease Dr. would be able to tell. I let that go. BUT, today when I saw a name I recognized attached to the Dr. I called them, chatted and sent her my phone #, along with a link to my blog. She said they have people there that study these types of things. SO, I have a call into Dr. P asking for a referral to one of those Drs. In the meantime, she goes for that bone scan for her back. If something shows up or explains why these episodes are happening, I'll cancel. I know I don't dwell on the Gardasil, but in my heart, I really feel like that is what has happened to our girl. If we can find out, then perhaps someone can help us get her better. Watching her struggle through these episodes is extremely difficult. I have been laying with her, she fell asleep, but I can't. It's almost 3 AM ~ how can I shut down and sleep??? She's suppose to work tomorrow 1-5, I know I can't be with her 24/7, but I would feel better if I could. I do okay while she is at school, b/c they have seen it, and several of the teachers/sec keep an eye on her and know how to take care of her when it happens. I feel like I am back to square one.
Back to that email from the Chil family. I noticed that in the warnings she found for Gardasil, it listed sore joints or muscle pain to contact a doctor. I did not read that anywhere in the paper work we were handed in the office. I really think if I had read that, I would have listened to her when she complained of these things. I would have known it was the shot, not over working them in Cheer leading. The only side effects I was handed was soreness at the shot sight and to watch for fever. Another parallel with the Chil girl, things seem really loud to Steff when she's in an episode, or when one is close to happening. I know Steff is not even close to being in the shape that girl is in, but something is going on inside her little body. I know I'm rambling, but I feel so helpless~ and I'm the mom. I should be able to help her. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a good day for her.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey all. My days are much busier now that I'm back at work> actually made it 2 full days in a row! I called about the 24 hour specimen> Boone Hospital was very helpful. They are open all weekend, so this is something we can do on a Saturday. I received the script today in the mail. Glad she doesn't have to miss school to do this. (work will be glad too) : ) Steff seems to be doing better with the brace, but hurts when she takes it off. We still don't know what the problem is. Hoping the bone scan or the labs will show something. She HATES when I question her about the pain, her spazing or anything about being sick, so this week I have tried very hard not to ask the usual 20 questions! I can tell by her tolerance level that she feels better than she did last week. I can also say that if we make it through Friday night- it will be a week since an episode. I hate saying it, b/c then it happens. But Dr. P did up her Keppra another 1/2 before bed. She seems to have her appetite back, I'm guessing the nausea has stopped. That is about all the medical news I have.
On the school news- we were worried about her grades, with her missing so much school. She got on it and pulled her grades back up. She ended up with a B+ and the rest A's. Can't complain about that> esp with the hours she missed. She's in there doing homework now.
That's about all I have to share today. I probably will try to post every other day, since things are pretty much the same each day. If I learn anything new about her or find more out about her tests, I will keep you posted. I'm hoping we keep going in the right direction!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday PM

Hey! The photo shoot went well. Steff was very comfortable with the Lucas guy! Hope he got some good ones~ looked like he did. She will be going back the middle of April for the outside shots. Today was fun for her, but I bet the outside shots will be the best. I made it to work today, and was dragging tail around 12. I didn't sleep well last night, either that, or I missed my nap today! LOL (not really)
The corset/brace seems to be doing it's job. She seems happier and not "on edge" like she had been. Def more enjoyable to be around. She said it relieves the pain on the sides, but it's still sore in the middle. Not sure what that means, but it's giving her relief> that's all that matters. The SL Dr. finally got in touch with me> I missed his call last night. Her blood was normal, but her urine is slightly elevated with copper. SO, he wants to do a 24 hour specimen and go from there. Not sure what all this involves, but guess I'll learn! He is mailing us the work order, and in the meantime, I will check with the lab to find out what we need. She is now taking the nausea pill, sinemet only 2 X a day. This could be helping with her tolerance level. : ) I would call today her best day yet since we left the hospital. Wo Hoo! Life is Good. Here's to hoping each day is better than the last!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday 3/09

Good Afteroon> my first day back to work did not happen. Steff had an appointment at 9, we finished around 12. After her appt. we had to pick up her refill on Keppra and have her fitted for a corset for her back. The Orth Dr. scheduled a bone scan with dye for her back. We do that on Tues 17th. She has to be there at 10 to get the dye injected, then return at 2 to get scanned. That will be another day off of school and work. I REALLY hope he can figure this out. If he can get her some relief for her low back-that would be good. I hope the corset/brace thing helps her ability to sit. Who knows~ maybe we are dealing with 2 different issues?
I have a call into Dr. C> hope to talk to him today on the results of blood/ua. I really feel like he would have called if something showed up. Just the same, I'll let you know. The Orth Dr. also wants her to give cheer leading a rest. They have try outs next week. I really don't think it's the cheering or dancing that hurt her back. More the jumping and flying-the coming down. We'll see. I'm sure she won't give it up. BUT if she would let her back rest from flying, we would know if that is her problem with it. Oh well, that's just another day in out world...............

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday 3/08

Good Evening All! Life is good today. It has been a boring day with nothing to report. I am thankful for days like today. Steffanee did tell me that I act like this is over and it is not. WOW! She then told me that she still has bad pain in her back that has not gotten any better. Just because the episodes don't happen as much, doesn't mean this is over. Well, OKAY THEN. She's right, it's her body and life that has changed. Hoping tomorrow we can get some answers from the Ortho Dr. I will touch base in the evenings, since I will now be working! I won't have as much time to spend in here on this computer. BUMMER! : ) I will still post, b/c I like keeping a record of everything going on with her. Here's to hoping it won't last too much longer. ~ me

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday morning...

Hello all! Friday proved to be a pretty good day. We made it to her appointment at 11, as scheduled. We finally got taken to a room at 12:15, didn't get out of there until 1:15. We had a nice visit with Dr. P and his nurse. He said dystonia does not spaz you out while you are sleeping. (he did say it in nicer terms) He is however, putting his student DR. on that this weekend to research. We talked and debated for quite a while. I mentioned the Gardasil again. He said they are looking at that and when he gets ready for a clinic, he will be sure to invite me. I again stressed that I am not looking for someone to blame, I just want to know how to get her healed and back to herself without these episodes. He has his own theory on these episodes. He seems to think that something or someone has hurt her emotionally and she is keeping it in her sub conscious and that's why it happens at night while she is asleep. Okay~ BUT then, why did it happen at school for 2 days? and in the hospital - 30 episodes in one day?? She seems like a well adjusted young lady to me. Of course, I am her mom. That said, if there was something "eating"at her, I think I would notice a difference in her personality. We talk quite a bit, she tells me some stuff, I'm sure not all. But I am keyed into her personality. There is his theory and my rebuttal. Still a mystery. He just smiles at me and agrees that we are on the same page> we just want to get her better. You know I'm sassy and so does he!!
I am taking her to the Orthopeadic Dr on Monday at 9. Yep, my first day back to work and I called in a half day of vacation. AND on Tuesday I have to leave early b/c she gets those pix taken at Lucas Photography in Moberly. I plan to work regular hours the remainder of the week. LOL BUT we'll see what it brings. Dave is happy I'm going back to work.
I'm going to call Dr. C in SL on Monday as well. I missed him on Friday. I will find out the results of her blood/urine work and ask about taking her off the nauseating pill. She is still having the episodes, so what's the point? BTW> she had one last night at a friends house around 1:15, in her sleep. They handled it just fine and reported in with me. I know she was very tired yesterday, but again, there is no pattern on these things. WHEW! I am rambling today! Sorry, I just have a lot in my little brain! : )
I am also thinking about cancelling her appointment with Dr. C. I took her to him for a 2nd and fresh opinion. After processing his testing and way of thinking, I don't think we got that. I feel like he just took Dr. P's diagnosis and did more testing for that. If we are looking at the same ideas> we certainly can see Dr. P for that. I'll know more after I speak with him on the phone tomorrow. I will express that thought to him.
Okay, today is a new day. She came home at 10 AM is naturally crashed out on the couch> it's always like that when she spends the night away from home. Here's to hoping for a good evening! Enjoy this spring like day!

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's FRIDAY.......

Yesterday was Steff's best day since this thing began. She looked like my girl when I got to the BB game. (boys~ they lost.) She had that little shine back in her eyes. She did a good job cheering~ the entire game~ she looked good! We chatted and laughed most of the way home, then she knocked out to Taylor Swift. It felt like old times-it's been awhile. : ) She looked good again this morning! Dave says she'll have good days and bad days, he thinks I get too excited on the good days. Oh well.
Steff has an appointment this morning with Dr. P. I really don't look for any answers there, unless he has done tons of researching and has come up with something. I think she has pretty much stumped him with this medical thing. But we are going, just the same. She also has an appointment with the ped orthopaedic Dr at the University, either today or Monday morning> still up in the air. Either way, I'm taking her. Can't hurt~ and will eliminate my questions about her low back pain.
That's about all I know. Today is my birthday> wo hoo!! Lunch with friends, this is good. Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day! I'm outa here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hello all! Not much going on here. : ) We didn't make it to the game last night. Steff studied for a test and read on "Huck Finn" for English. Pretty mellow evening. She had PT this morning. Her back is not easing up on the pain when sitting. Angie suggested going to an Orthopaedic Dr to get it checked out. (didn't I mention that early in Feb?) Anyway, I'm going to call today and get an appointment> what can it hurt? I am glad to report the nausea was gone yesterday. She was ready to eat! I'm glad and hope it stays that way. (she had mostly been munching on crackers~due to the nausea)
We stopped by the mall on the way home from the orthodonist. She wanted to report in on her job. She's scheduled to work next week. Not sure how I feel about that, but again, we will play it by ear. It's a beautiful day outside> I'm out of here! Enjoy your day!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday AM

Good Morning all! The one thing I know today ~ these episodes are not predictable. Watching her at the game last night, (boys~won) I would have guessed we were going to have a tough ride home, or a rough night of sleep. NEITHER! She slept all the way home, then went straight to bed. Maybe it's the 3rd pill that is making her "zone out" ~ She was making me nervous at the game. I know she was tired, I'm sure they all are, it's a long drive with late games. She was still tired this morning, as she headed off to school. I'll be picking her up at 2 for a retainer check with ortho. She will be coming home after that to rest and work on her homework from missing so many hours. Quarter is over on Friday. Depending how that goes, we might make the game tonight, but doubt it. I know this is her last week of cheering, but it is not my last week of stressing~ I hope it is, but let's be real. So, we'll see.......
She made a full day yesterday, seemed like her appetite has picked up. I expected the 3rd pill to completely knock it out, I'm glad it didn't.
Medical stuff... I plan to call Dr. C on Thursday to check on her blood tests. I keep hoping he will call me and since he hasn't, I assume they were okay. I'll call tomorrow anyway, and give him a report on these 1/2 pills. That's all I know.
I do have good news for the people I work with. Our company switched to Blue Cross/Shield on Jan 1st. They have already paid Steff's hospital bills. It was over $15000~ my share.... $1096.54. I'm good with that and was impressed with them. They also have been very helpful over the phone, trying to figure this thing out. SO, This is good news!!
I have good news for me too. : ) Unum finally approved my disability pay. So, they will be mailing me a check on Saturday. This is good. : )

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday AM

Monday was an okay day for Steff. She was very tired all day at school. She rode the bus to the game in Versailles and cheered. (Girls~they won) : ) She rode home with us and complained that her back was hurting. She was all layed back in the front seat with her feet on the dash, she looked comfortable! She seemed to have a restless night. I heard her call for me around 3:45 AM, she was having an episode. It wasn't as light as they have been, probably a medium. : ) Don't know how else to describe it. We went to PT this morning and she was tired, but seemed fine. There is another game on Tues & Wed, not sure she will be riding the bus or cheering. We'll play it by ear. At this point, I hope she makes it all day at school.

She starts taking the sinemet (1/2 pill) three times a day today. This one makes her very tired. I gave a few teachers a 'heads up' b/c she takes her first one with breakfast~ just in case she knocks out in class. I'm supposed to call the St. L. Dr. back after 4 days of the 3 a day. I guess then he will decide if she needs to stay on it, or come off. I did buy her some Vit B 12 today at Clovers. I am hoping that helps. I also bought her some chewable ginger for the nausea. I'm all about getting her fixed! LOL I hate that the meds have such side effects. They seem to be helping, but the nausea and feeling tired all the time stinks.

I did get a call from her OB/GYN today. She said they searched everywhere and didn't find any proven reports from the Gardasil. She was very supportive and nice about it. Said she would keep searching and keep in touch with us. She asked how she was doing & what meds they had her on. She also stated how frustrating it is for a Dr. to not have answers. Yep, frustrating for parents as well.
SO> Here's to hoping today is a full and productive day at school!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday AM

Hey! Glad to report Sunday was just as boring as Saturday. She slept in, ate, watched a little tv, and took a long afternoon nap. I think the nausea gets the best of her. She did a lot of homework, and that was her day. Relaxing to say the least.
She has a full week, so we'll see how that plays out. Districts in Versailles, which means bus rides, lots of sitting. I really hope it all goes well. This is her last week on the schedule for cheering this year. I hope she gets to enjoy it. We'll be going to the games so she can ride home in the car. She also has several appointments this week, PT on Tue/Thur @ 8:00 am, Orthodonist on Wed @ 2:30, and Dr. P, neurologist on Friday @ 11. Looks like I'll be busy as well. She will find out if she can drive on Friday. I'm not too sure how I feel about that yet. When she has the small episodes, the flinching is in her legs. She seems to think that's fine, but we'll see. It is something we def will discuss before we send her out on the road.
I forgot to mention those Taylor Swift Tickets on Friday. Steffanee naturally wanted to see her REAL bad, along with a few friends. I called Streetside, the tickets sold out in TEN minutes. They only sold 2 tickets to one person and they were gone. BUMMER. She will be in St. Louis on Aug 8 with Keith Urban, we'll see how those tickets go. On a little lighter note, : ) It was 82 in Cancun yesterday. Three weeks, we're there.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday AM : )

Good Morning all! Saturday was a very nice day around here. After a long nap, Steff picked her room up (SHOCK!) and had a good day and evening. She went to see Slum Dog Millionaire and really liked it. I think it's one of those movies that make you think. I would really like to go see it myself.
Dave and I kicked it around here, watched a movie Gran Torino with Clint. It was pretty good, I was glad it wasn't as violent as I thought. It, too, makes you think. We laughed a LOT.
Boring post, I know, but good movie reviews!! LOL Boring is good at this point.
I'm letting her get as much sleep as she needs. Well, not really, I will be making noise, with her door open in about 20 minutes. NO ONE needs to sleep past 11. If she feels up to it, and doesn't have too much homework, I think we'll road trip to Boonville to see family after the Tigers play. Hoping for another boring day! Enjoy you Sunday everyone! Life Is Good.