Monday, February 21, 2011

and here is the mixture of supplements

So, the rest of the weekend was good. I purchased the supplements at GNC and Clovers ~ he said I could order online, but of course I wanted to get her started ASAP.
Here is what she will be taking for 30 days, then she will check back in with Dr. B. The powder for the drinks are mixed with Orange Juice. She didn't complain much. LOL He kept saying come back in thirty days and tell me how you feel. Oh... he reminded me of myself.. just give me 30 days! But I usually said 10 days.... baby steps. I REALLY hope this helps her a LOT!

Morning drink:

tryptophan 500-1000mg
Taurine 1/3 dose (usually 1/3 teaspoon)
Ribose 1 teaspoon
Creatine monohydrate 1/3 dose (usually 1/3 teaspoon)
Arginine 2 grams
Stevia 1 scoop to sweeten the mix (scoop is very very small)
Evening Drink:
Tyrosine 500-1000mg
Ornithine 1000mg
Also: (pill form)
Primrose 1000-2000mg daily
Lipoic Acid 1000-1500mg daily
HTP 50mg at bedtime
Calcium/Magnesium 1000mg daily
Probiotic kyodophiles as directed
Fish Oil 2000-4000mg daily
Digestive enzymes as directed

an added benefit of posting these supplements ~ I've already lost the paper the DR wrote, so I'll have a back up plan here on the blog. ♥

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ah.. Wish I could say GOOD DAY....

Wow. Gonna be a short post. I'm mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Today I made an appointment with my primary care DR to see Steffanee. He had her do blood work, keep a food journal and take her temp every morning before coming into see him. I actually was taking her to him to help her get faith back in Medical Doctors and have him refer her to an  Endocrinologist. SOOO....
I take off work today, also had other appointments to make. I pick her up at Peak Physical Therapy, where she is putting in her hours shadowing Angie, the dear Therapist that helped her. So, when I pick her up, I see that glazed over look in her eyes. She gets in the car, and I can tell she doesn't feel good. She says her neck keeps locking up on her. Yes, I would say it does.. her neck is twitching ( for lack of a better word) jerking, and it looks very uncomfortable. So.. good thing we are going to the DR. right? We go, they take us back, Diane, his nurse asks Steff all the usual questions, and asks how she feels today. She answered FINE. Nothing was fine about her, but I didn't push it. Nurse left, Steff layed down, seemed to sleep a bit, but did a lot of jerking. Later said her body had electricity running through it. For a while she looked really glazed over ~ brain fog ~ after she got up, she looked much better. Watching your child (I know she's 19), struggle through something like that is very difficult. There is nothing you can do, and if you do try.. well, it seems you never do the right thing. Doesn't matter how hard you try. So, after the nap she looks better.
Dr. Bynum comes in, addresses her. I would definitely say he should have restored faith with DRS. He was very direct, understanding and compassionate with what she has been through for the last TWO years. He told us he has taken a back seat, but has been aware of what she has dealt with and how she has been doing. I believe this. I get an email every now and then from his nurse, asking about her. SO...
He handles her with baby gloves, but goes right to the questioning. Her poop habits. Her food habits. Her morning temp, Questions that have never been asked. Then he continues to say :  it's her digestive system.
She probably has always had digestive (and YES, she has) problems, minor until the nasty Gardasil shot came along, then it kicked the digestive problems into high gear. She doesn't get the nutrients out of her food. So, although she is a relative good eater, her body still doesn't get what it needs. Since the shot, her immune system is fighting her body. So, he acknowledged the shot, I didn't mention it. She was good with that. We cried quite a bit. He gets it. He asked if she felt electricity going through her body, he told her he understood the bolts of electricity going through her head. Again, we cried. Soo...
He took her off all her supplements and has started new ones. She has to drink a special mix in the AM and PM, plus take quite a bit of special supplements that I just purchased at GNC and Clovers. We are heading down a new road. He also takes many of these, so, again, I think he gets it. She just came home for the weekend. We start tonight. I'll list them and go into it more later, but for now, I'm out. Except...
Family and friends that know me... you know I go shopping when I'm stressed out and cannot handle much more. Not sure why... but that's what I do. Yes, I did. Kohl's loves me today. I'll just leave it at that. ♥ Dave on the other hand, well, the packages are in the car. LOL
Take a moment to say a little prayer for Steff and all the girls suffering through these adverse effects. It is a very difficult road to travel. Sometimes I wonder if our lives will ever be the same.