Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday/Tues AM

Monday was a busy day for Steff. She attended school first hour, went to do the foot bath, came home for a nap. ; ) then went to work on the dance for cheerleading. She was very tired last night. I'm thinking baby steps, she's thinking she's missing out. Sunday and Monday nights were restless nights for her. Not sure what is going on, dreaming or her body acting out. But either way, she can't be resting as well as she should. Today she has homework to do and her homebound teacher is coming at 4:45. She is still sleeping. Rest is important to heal.
My work. ; ) She has an appointment with Advanced Chiro on Wednesday morning for acupuncture. This is all new to us, so I'll keep you informed on what we both think about it. I did call BC/BS 24 HR nursing hotline to talk about the Gardasil. The only side effects they have are the dizziness, soreness at shot sight. We talked for quite a while, she said she would request they update their source. I'm sure if moms knew to watch and listen for soreness of muscle and joints, they wouldn't go back for shots 2 & 3, if their daughter was complaining about their muscles and joints like Steff did. I had NO clue. I know several girls that have gotten the shot and have not had a problem. I also email with parents of girls that are having problems. I think it it more about being completely informed. I won't get on a roll. I'll just leave it at that.
Steff did her sauna time yesterday. She doesn't complain, but does put it off until just before bed. I would think the sauna, shower would help her sleep sound. Maybe it will in time.
I'm off to get a few things done this morning~ will try to check in this evening.

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