Thursday, April 9, 2009

Someone knows something somewhere....

Below is a link to Mayo Clinic's site on side effects of Gardasil. I know I sent this out earlier in email, but I wanted to post for people I don't email with. I find it very interesting. Ms. Kathy, you did a good job!

Okay. My sister sent this to me today. The article is dated 04/09/2009. Read the side effects (prob just released, b/c I have not found this anywhere and I have been searching everyday) Steffanee's side effects are on there: Severe low back pain, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, Anxiety, muscle spasms or jerking of all extremities, muscle weakness, sudden and progressing, Irritation (big time), Nausea. I'll just stop there. Most Drs tell us moms that our daughter have too much stress. Looks like someone is realizing there is more to it than stress. I'm glad it's from Mayo, maybe they will have a clue on how to reverse it. I am REALLY hoping they pull this out of the medical summary we faxed to them. I hope a RED flag goes up with someone there.
After a rough night last night, again, she had a good day. She's been working on her homework. She wanted to go the movies at 9 for a late show. Neither Dave nor I wanted to let her go, but we gave in. We both are sitting here hoping we didn't make a bad decision. Who knows what the right thing to do is? I'm sure she gets sick of just sitting around here. Being around her friends is important for her mental health, if you ask me. However, Dave says if something happens while she's out, we will look like the worse parents EVER. Yep, he's prob right. But again, how do you know what is right? She's with Laney, who is very aware of what is going on and I truly believe she can handle it. I'm sure she would call us> 98% sure. I am aware that Steff is her friend, not me. She's been gone an hour, we're halfway there. Do I sound like a mother hen or WHAT??? I swear, I was not like this before. Well, maybe a little protective, but not a hoverer. LOL
Dave called Mayo today and stated that this is pretty much an emergency with these episodes. They told him to call her ped neur and ask him to call to speak to their DR. and maybe we could get in sooner. Dr. P was out of his office today. I really hope he works tomorrow, gets it done, and we can get moving on this. The CD should arrive there by Saturday. Maybe once they "see it" , they will realize what she is going through. I'm off to get a few things done, to kill time, another hour and she'll call, then come home. : ) and hopefully, life will be good. We're planning to give her the ativan (I think that's it) as soon as she gets home, then lay down and watch a movie. Hopefully she will fall asleep relaxed and sleep all night, peacefully. Enjoy your Good Friday!!!

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