Sunday, February 2, 2014

Aaliyah and Aunt Steffanee on Graduation Day

Steff at the Columns of Mizzou

A lot has changed in FIVE years...

So, today is the Super Bowl. A connection I will always link to Steffanee's adverse effects to Gardasil. It was the Monday after Super Bowl five years ago that we started the long journey of Gardasil.  I made the comment to Dave, my husband, that on Feb 2, it will be five years. He questioned why I always remember that date.. LOL Typical man. It's not like I choose to .. It's just that I do!
So five years later.. Steffanee is now 22 years old, graduated from Missouri University with a degree in Health Science and is now working a full time job. She is undecided in which direction she wants to go with her degree or in what direction to further her education. I'm hoping she dips and dabbles into a few things, then KNOWS what she wants to do. Time shall tell...
We had just started with Dr. Cowan, the Naturopathic Dr in Columbia when I stopped posting. He has done great things for her health. He cleared up the bacteria infection in her intestines, then put her on a lot of supplements. She did have a set back after her 21st Birthday.. but we knew that would be coming. Not that I was happy with it, but College kids take a ton of shots on their 21st. Even the ones that shouldn't. But after that little set back, it seems she is doing very well. She is cooking and for the most part doesn't eat gluten. OR let me say, it isn't a part of her everyday diet. I'm sure she decides if it's worth the hassle of eating, then makes that decision. But I would say that getting the toxins and bacteria out of her body has helped her to process the "gluten" splurges. Eggs and Dairy are also not a part of her diet.
Once she started with Dr. Cowan, her studies began to get easier. Her focus and ability to sit down and read got a lot better. Her GPA certainly came up her last two years. She just seems so much happier than she was for such a long time.
Just wanted to touch base on this bittersweet day. Things are good. Life is Good.