Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday PM

Today was a laid back, easy day. Steff slept until almost 1 PM. Yes, one o'clock in the afternoon. I normally would have a BIG problem with that, but I knew she went to bed at a reasonable time. I also knew she did not sleep well last night. Once she finally got up, we did nothing. We stayed home and waited for her home bound teacher. They worked on school stuff for quite a while & when she left, I was surprised that Steff took her homework and started working on it. She seems to have a difficult time concentrating. Either that or she is just completely overwhelmed. Not sure and don't ask. : ) I just try to get her going in the right direction. We ate and chilled after that. She is now in the sauna and said she's really tired. (I don't see how, but, okay)
I made a couple of calls today for a new appointment. I'll fill you in if all goes well.
I will be taking her for the acupuncture tomorrow at 10:30.
Ms. Turner comes again tomorrow to do school stuff. Lucas Photos on Thursday, Prom decorating on Friday, and prom on Saturday. Dance recital on Sunday. I seriously doubt she has enough energy to attend the recital on Sunday, but she wants to. There certainly will have to be a lot of rest somewhere in there! Here's to hope for a restful night tonight!!

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