Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sophomore at Mizzou

Steff has moved on to become a Sophomore at Mizzou. This year she is living in the ADPi House and so far, is loving it. Ha. We'll see, come Christmas break. LOL She made it pretty good after she started her supplements. EVEN went to Spring Break and survived w/o incident, I might add. Incident being any medical problems... LOL.. and I will follow up with, to my knowledge. She seemed spunky and fine when she got back. Oh.. to be that age again. LOL
Summer was mellow.. she worked part time, both jobs and saved her money. Yeah, she always saves her money. = ) Spends mine, saves hers. So actually not much to say, except she seems to be holding strong. She does get congested and has sinus infections on a regular basis.. other than that, I believe she's doing good. She's a sleeper.. but always has been. LOL
So.. enjoy your fall/winter.. hopefully it will be a mild one. Just checking in......
Our Life Is Good. = )

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Documentary is Going to Be Made!!!

This is very good news! The total pledged continues to rise! Awareness.

So, it has been kind of a different week for me. I was considering putting the video of Steff's seizure like episodes on the Truth About Gardasil Website. Of course, only with her permission. We video taped it while she was in the hospital for the doctors to study. I have one CD,the others are still in the DRs hands. I tried to watch it a couple of times, but my computer would not recognize the format. I could only watch a few seconds before it would stop. SO, the very nice guy at work = ) changed the format for me to make it easy to upload for youtube and the website. I brought it home, watched it... and well, much to my surprise, it took me to a very dark place. I had a rough few days after I viewed it. Not sure what that is all about. We lived it for 2 years, but I can't watch it for 6 minutes? WTH?
SO, I made the decision to NOT share. First off, if I'm going to share it, I need to run it by Steff. Do I want her to find this dark place that I did? Absolutely not. I really don't know what her reaction will be, but I do know that I don't want to find out. Not right now anyway. Perhaps this summer, when the sun is shining, she is full of life and has no demands from school. Until then, it's up and out of sight.
Back to me. LOL I wonder if I didn't get to process the emotions I had while she was going through that horrible time in her life. I wonder if I just kicked into "mom" mode, trying to find answers, reasons, and logic in all that was happening. Not sure. BUT I do know that I have struggled this week after watching it. Dave says I should be happy that we are not in that place anymore. I am, and I'm really not sure why it messed with my head so much. It was sad and very hard to watch. I cried all three times I watched it. For now, I have put it up... not too sure what/when/how... but for now, it is up and out of sight. As I watched it, I thought... How could anyone EVEN think a young girl could fake something like that. WHY would a young girl fake something like that? Perhaps, at that time, that is where my brain went. To the way the Doctors treated our sick child. ... ... my brain is on overload.. we'll come back to this another day.

It's Mother Daughter Weekend for ADPi. We will be going to the Jeff City Winery tomorrow, DeJaVu tomorrow night and Upper Crust on Sunday. Big Weekend. I'll enjoy the time with Steff. ♥
I'm out.. need to get some beauty sleep. LOL Like that's gonna help!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vaccine Court Information

Yep, the documentary hit 33 thousand tonight. I DO believe it's going to happen. ♥♥ You gotta love it!

A friend sent me a link to Ustream, about Vaccine Court. Wow. I emailed it to a few of you, well okay, quite a few of you. LOL AND although it seemed to last a long time, it was very powerful. Emily Tarsell spoke of her daughter Chris, who died after the gardasil vaccine. An attorney spoke, his son is extreme autistic ~ he reminded me of myself when he said that he has learned more about vaccines & adverse effects than he ever thought was possible. Anyway, it was very enlightening. It makes you understand why the companies, like Merck, don't have to take responsibility for our kids. The fact that there are now 1 in 100 kids with autism OR the fact that 33 Vaccines are given to our kids before Kindergarten. They cannot be sued and it cannot be heard in a court until it goes through Vaccine Court. The attorney, which had experienced it, called it Kangaroo Court. It makes you STOP and realize, as negative as this may sound, it REALLY is all about the money. Who is watching out for our children?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday March 5, 2011

Saturday, March 5. All is quiet, supplements seem to be making a difference. I did get some information from the young lady I chatted with in Boonville. Interesting Info. I googled it and here is the link, if you are interested. It's about the PH balance of your body. 
Alkaline-Forming-Foods Diet. Pretty interesting. I need to go back into my blog and find her ph levels, I remember getting them from Dr. Mark.

Good news on the One More Girl Documentary ~   up to $31,100 ~    36 days to go ~
goal is $37,000 So, I would say, it's on the way to becoming a reality. This, my friends, makes me very happy. ♥ It's called validation.

Friday at work I was listening to Y107 raise money for the Children's Hospital. When I turned it on, a nurse was talking about her 17 year old daughter, how her joints and muscles ached. The daughter made her own appointment, then was referred to a Rheumatoid Dr.. ... Oh, goodness, how I wanted to call and ask if she had gotten the Gardasil shot. I didn't. But it is still heavy on my mind. The young girl saw the same RA Dr. as Steffanee. Thoughts on that one?

So, after a very rough week, irrelevant to Ms. Steffanee's health, I'm hoping for a chilling evening and nice day tomorrow, since it IS my Birthday. I stopped counting, but do enjoy the pampering the day brings. LOL

Have a GREAT week and remember, if I'm not blogging, our world is good. Wish the same for everyone.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Hello All. Seems like the sleeping is going better for Steffanee. It takes her a long time to get to sleep, and sometimes uses the deep breathing technique to relax that body and sleep. She told me that if she takes her new supplements early enough that she falls asleep and sleeps through the night. This is good. SO that is a step in the right direction. But the morning drink makes her very sleepy. I emailed Dr. B, his answer: work through it. Her body will adjust. I just emailed her that info today. LOL Not sure how that went over. = )
I went online last night, looking for the supplements, trying to learn what they are all for and how they work together. Yeah, I'll work on that more tonight. LOL Anyone understanding this, feel free to break it all down and email it to me. ♥
Dave goes in for surgery in the morning. Hoping all goes well there. Not up for discussion, but will share when it's over and he's better. You ALL know that nursing is NOT my calling. Should be a fun few weeks. LOL Life goes on.....
Had a  bake sale at work today for that One More Girl project.. made another $50. bringing our pledge to a whopping $970 ~ fundraisers & donations. Largest donation being $50. so you KNOW we've been working those fundraisers! I am very excited about getting that documentary made. Imagine how many people will get the information through it ~ and it will be real girls with their stories. Real families that have struggled through w/o much, if any, help from the medical field. Besides the fact that it completely validates all that we have been through. Yep, I do believe it will make a BIG difference. Doubt many will be getting those vaccines after that! April 11. Deadline to raise $37,000. March 1. Looks like we will make it. ♥♥
So, I'm out. Have a good week folks.

Monday, February 21, 2011

and here is the mixture of supplements

So, the rest of the weekend was good. I purchased the supplements at GNC and Clovers ~ he said I could order online, but of course I wanted to get her started ASAP.
Here is what she will be taking for 30 days, then she will check back in with Dr. B. The powder for the drinks are mixed with Orange Juice. She didn't complain much. LOL He kept saying come back in thirty days and tell me how you feel. Oh... he reminded me of myself.. just give me 30 days! But I usually said 10 days.... baby steps. I REALLY hope this helps her a LOT!

Morning drink:

tryptophan 500-1000mg
Taurine 1/3 dose (usually 1/3 teaspoon)
Ribose 1 teaspoon
Creatine monohydrate 1/3 dose (usually 1/3 teaspoon)
Arginine 2 grams
Stevia 1 scoop to sweeten the mix (scoop is very very small)
Evening Drink:
Tyrosine 500-1000mg
Ornithine 1000mg
Also: (pill form)
Primrose 1000-2000mg daily
Lipoic Acid 1000-1500mg daily
HTP 50mg at bedtime
Calcium/Magnesium 1000mg daily
Probiotic kyodophiles as directed
Fish Oil 2000-4000mg daily
Digestive enzymes as directed

an added benefit of posting these supplements ~ I've already lost the paper the DR wrote, so I'll have a back up plan here on the blog. ♥

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ah.. Wish I could say GOOD DAY....

Wow. Gonna be a short post. I'm mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Today I made an appointment with my primary care DR to see Steffanee. He had her do blood work, keep a food journal and take her temp every morning before coming into see him. I actually was taking her to him to help her get faith back in Medical Doctors and have him refer her to an  Endocrinologist. SOOO....
I take off work today, also had other appointments to make. I pick her up at Peak Physical Therapy, where she is putting in her hours shadowing Angie, the dear Therapist that helped her. So, when I pick her up, I see that glazed over look in her eyes. She gets in the car, and I can tell she doesn't feel good. She says her neck keeps locking up on her. Yes, I would say it does.. her neck is twitching ( for lack of a better word) jerking, and it looks very uncomfortable. So.. good thing we are going to the DR. right? We go, they take us back, Diane, his nurse asks Steff all the usual questions, and asks how she feels today. She answered FINE. Nothing was fine about her, but I didn't push it. Nurse left, Steff layed down, seemed to sleep a bit, but did a lot of jerking. Later said her body had electricity running through it. For a while she looked really glazed over ~ brain fog ~ after she got up, she looked much better. Watching your child (I know she's 19), struggle through something like that is very difficult. There is nothing you can do, and if you do try.. well, it seems you never do the right thing. Doesn't matter how hard you try. So, after the nap she looks better.
Dr. Bynum comes in, addresses her. I would definitely say he should have restored faith with DRS. He was very direct, understanding and compassionate with what she has been through for the last TWO years. He told us he has taken a back seat, but has been aware of what she has dealt with and how she has been doing. I believe this. I get an email every now and then from his nurse, asking about her. SO...
He handles her with baby gloves, but goes right to the questioning. Her poop habits. Her food habits. Her morning temp, Questions that have never been asked. Then he continues to say :  it's her digestive system.
She probably has always had digestive (and YES, she has) problems, minor until the nasty Gardasil shot came along, then it kicked the digestive problems into high gear. She doesn't get the nutrients out of her food. So, although she is a relative good eater, her body still doesn't get what it needs. Since the shot, her immune system is fighting her body. So, he acknowledged the shot, I didn't mention it. She was good with that. We cried quite a bit. He gets it. He asked if she felt electricity going through her body, he told her he understood the bolts of electricity going through her head. Again, we cried. Soo...
He took her off all her supplements and has started new ones. She has to drink a special mix in the AM and PM, plus take quite a bit of special supplements that I just purchased at GNC and Clovers. We are heading down a new road. He also takes many of these, so, again, I think he gets it. She just came home for the weekend. We start tonight. I'll list them and go into it more later, but for now, I'm out. Except...
Family and friends that know me... you know I go shopping when I'm stressed out and cannot handle much more. Not sure why... but that's what I do. Yes, I did. Kohl's loves me today. I'll just leave it at that. ♥ Dave on the other hand, well, the packages are in the car. LOL
Take a moment to say a little prayer for Steff and all the girls suffering through these adverse effects. It is a very difficult road to travel. Sometimes I wonder if our lives will ever be the same.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A project to save lives and educate about the damage GARDASIL has done. Please watch it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

She Seems Good To Go...

The Bad Night Post should have been posted on Friday. Today is Saturday, seems she is doing okay. She thinks I over react with these episodes, and well, I probably do. It was a short one, and not nearly as severe as they have been. BUT I want them to GO AWAY and never come back. I want her body to be able to handle New Years Celebration, cheating with a little gluten and well, the things most college kids do.
She came home last night late, hit the sack and slept in today. She made  GF pizza and got ready for work, which I must say, she looked amazing. One would NEVER know by looking at her that she has any medical problems. So, my next idea.... I'm going to try to find a local Nutritionist and see if that would help. Dr. Amanda is helping her a lot with her back and neck, but I think she needs more... We'll see. I'm off to watch a movie and escape the real world for a bit....

A Bad night....

So, I started to type on FB, then remembered how pissed she would be. LOL She's been working both jobs every single day this week. Just happens that the office job she is doing with Peds Orthopeds is moving this week, so they need her help.. it's usually just entering codes into the computer, this week it's physical labor, everyday. AND the other host at Jack's went on a 7 day Cruise.. so when she leaves the hospital, she heads to Jacks and gets home around 11, to get up and start all over again. Today is the last day for both. THANK Goodness. I've watched her wear down all week.

So here's the smiLe for you. She screamed, jerked, twisted and cried for quite a while. Dave & I heard her and came running. I ended up sleeping on her floor once it stopped. She gets up this morning and against my wishes, gets ready for work and acts like nothing happened. I make her talk about it, trying to figure out what happened. We did. I send a text to her boss (friend of mine) about her episodes. I get one back.

"She told me she just overslept. She's laughing smiling and bouncing off the walls, you would never know she had a rough night." and here I sit. Called in vacation time, no sleep and worried to death. Her life continues to go on, mine stops. Dave and I both got sick to our stomaches last night when it was happening. I'm sure he's one tired guy today too. Ugh. After the episodes, she goes off to sleep ~ we sit and worry and worry and wonder WTH??? Okay, there's your blog for the day!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's Our College Girl....

This is December 2010. Steff's medical problems started in Feb 2009. Well, actually before that, but the severe part started in Feb. Prior to Feb, she complained of knee pain, her joints and muscles hurting every single day. Her low back pain was horrible. Then on Feb 2, 2009, our lives were turned upside down with the non epileptic seizures. Many thanks to the Dystonia Clinic in Maryland that asked me if our girl had gotten the Gardasil shots, when I called for help. My answer was Yes, all three. It was then that it all started falling together. Today, there is much more information on the internet & FaceBook about our girls. The Gardasil Girls. One just never knows. You think you are doing the right thing, by getting them vaccinated, then it turns your world upside down. SO, she's better, she's off to college, but not w/o struggles. This has been a life changing experience for us. She is the youngest of Four. All Four received every vaccine that was recommended. Today would I do that with my babies? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I cringe when I hear a mom talk about it. How can you know if your child/baby can handle the vaccine?


Bryce, Snowman, Steff & Josh

Phillip and his family had not arrived yet, or they would have been right in there helping to make the snowman!!

Christmas Eve 2010

It's NOW 2011...

Another year gone by, hoping to see as much improvement in 2011 as we did in 2010 with Steff's health. She finished her first semester ~ not too shabby on the grades. I was expecting the worst..... LOL .. yep, that's just me. Better to be surprised, than to be disappointed. LOL No, really, I knew she was having trouble with reading and well, it's probably hard to comprehend it if you can't read it. So, I was pleasantly surprised that the grades were ALL pulled up with finals. She was very proud. She's signed up for next semester, but I don't believe she's taking as many hours. First semester she took 15 and now she's taking 12 hours. Gee. With Rushing, Homecoming and joining the Sorority, seems she has that backward. But, she made it. Her GPA is not as high as she would like, but now that she's getting the hang of how College works, hopefully she will pull it up. Type "A" personality. = )
She's still home on break, I believe she goes back around the 21st. I have enjoyed having her here. She is still working both jobs through her break, which makes me smiLe. Every single penny going into the bank. = ) Funny Girl. Funny Girl.
We had a GREAT Christmas, the snow on Christmas Eve was a GREAT thing to wake up to. The kids... the adult kids.. built an awesome snowman! If I can remember how to put pics on here, I'll attach it. By New Years Eve, he was gone, just a scarf and several sticks laying in the mud! LOL