Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On a HIGH note today.....

Steff had another restless night last night, but it is NOTHING compared to where we started. She slept in, then I took her to the Chiro for acupuncture, which she didn't get. The Dr. was very nice, and agreed it probably was the Gardasil. He has seen cases similar to Steff's, but with different drugs. He examined her low back and hips, this is where most of her pain is. He said her muscles in her low back are in tight balls. He didn't want to jump right in with acupuncture, so he did ultrasound on it. Said next time, he will ultrasound again, then do a few pins. He doesn't want to flare up any more pain for her. So, I guess we'll ease into this thing. He does seem to think he can get her some relief. She was very comfortable with him, so that was good.
She did home bound studying tonight. Seemed to go well. I try to stay busy and out of the way while they're working. Steff was happy with what they accomplished. She did homework again today when Ms. Turner left. I'm glad to see that happening!!
On the HIGH note. Yesterday I spoke with a nurse from the Army. She called checking on Phillip (my younger son). Anyway, we got into a discussion about Steff having medical problems. So, it seems she works with soldiers that have reactions to vaccines! That was a WOW moment! She told me to call an immunologist/rheumtologist (sp) Dr. that they can do blood work to find out if her auto immune is normal. I told her Mayo checked for that and it was normal. She stated they probably did a general work up and Steff needs a specific auto immune test. SO, I called them today. They weren't sure what I was talking about, but did acknowledge that Gardasil is causing some adverse reactions. OKAY, I'm 2 for 2 today! Maybe I am making progress. Steff sees the Chiro again on Monday. The Im/Rh Dr. on Wednesday. I will say it one more time, I really hope her test (if they can do it) comes out normal. I really hope it is NOT the Gardasil. I hope it's something they can figure out that is NOT related. I pray for that every day. I do feel, however, that there is more than "stress" going on here! Her muscles seem to work on their own, without her help, they twitch. Not sure that's the problem, but it's new with all this. I told Steff how glad I am that at least someone is listening to me, she just smiled and reminded me that I've been this happy before. Okay, she wins. So, I'll come down from my high until I have more information. : I
Tomorrow she is supposed to get outside SR pics taken, prob won't happen. Too much rain. So that means more rest. This is good.

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