Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another good one....

Almost hate to say it, but it has been THREE peaceful days and nights. Of course, with adequate rest, lots of distilled water and detoxing. I'm not sure what is making the difference, but don't even care. We will continue to do it all. I think I saw that little sparkle in her eye for a while today. ; ) Dave & Jeff got the sauna, put it together and she spent her 20 minutes in it this morning. She's almost ready for her 20 in the evening. She also took an Epsom salt bath in my big tub today. I tell you, I am determined to get this child WELL!!!
I got a call from Advanced Chiropractor, they do acupuncture AND they take Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I'll call our insurance on Monday morning to see if they cover that sort of thing. I'll still take her. From what I've read, I understand it helps with chronic pain and detoxes. I'll learn more from them when we go.
Earth day tomorrow at Peace Park. We are planning on going. Life is Good.

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