Sunday, April 26, 2009

AHHH.... Life Is Good.

Okay. I KNOW I'm the up when things are good and Down when things are bad girl. BUT, I must say, LIFE IS GOOD. Another uneventful day and night. I think I am beginning to remember what a full night of sleep feels like. It has to be GREAT for her body too.
Here comes the Debbie Downer... you know my wheels are always turning. : ) We are making sure she is getting plenty of rest. She is SO excited about prom. I really hope that one night that she has looked forward to for so long doesn't THROW her body out of balance. I'm sure as parents you all know that she is wanting to attend an after party. At this point, we keep saying, we'll play it by ear. Well, it's almost here and ugh! Things are going good, hate to upset the cart. BUT I also know she just wants to be a normal teenager, not a sick one. We'll see. I just had to get on and BRAG about yet another good night. It feels good to see her happy, smiling, kind of like that kid I remember. Not there yet, but I can see progress being made. Time will tell.
She will be attending school for a first hour class in the morning, then going to chat with the counselor after that. I think she hopes to do that at least once a week. Hope that makes her be nicer to me! LOL We are heading to Peace Park today...can't's Earth Day downtown!!

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