Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wed AM

Wow. I should know better by now to brag about having a good day. That said, she didn't have a good night. As soon as she fell asleep, she had one, and not a small, jerking one, but one that made her cry hard. It was breaking my heart.
Dave got in touch with Mayo today. May 5th is the best they could do. I'm calling Dr. P's nurse to see if they can email the video to them and see if that helps. If not, guess we'll wait. That's after prom. Bummer. I got a call from the school yesterday about schooling her as home bound. I thought she would totally balk at it, but seemed like she was okay with it. I'll get the paper work started, then let her make the decision.
I"m at work posting, b/c I am SO frustrated again. May 5 doesn't sound that far away, unless you are dealing with these episodes and a 17 year old girl that has her life on hold. NOT to mention the pain she is in. Oh well, I prob need to eat some lunch~ I'll post more this evening, if I get a chance.

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