Thursday, April 30, 2009

Restless Nights, Tired Days

Steff had another restless night last night. She complained about her back hurting as she went to bed. I put an ice pack on it and she drifted off to sleep. Her muscles start jerking and twitching as she falls asleep, sometimes it lasts quite a while. Last night was one of those nights. She moans and sounds like it hurts, but wakes up and doesn't remember it. Guess this is good. It seems like once she falls into a deep sleep, it stops. Not sure what is going on, but I know those 3-4 nights of sleep felt good to me! I'm sure it's easier on her!! We decided to skip the sauna for her tonight, just in case she is getting dehydrated or something. Always trying to figure it out!
She had planned to attend school this morning and talk to the counselor, but she was very tired. I couldn't get her up. Her home bound teacher came and Steff took a Stats test for her. She felt confident that she did well. We'll know next week. : ) We hung around here all evening, catching up on all the Survivors we had recorded. That's one reality show we have always all watched together. Bonding! LOL
Tomorrow is a big day. She is planning on school again. Counselor. Then decorating for prom. I'll be going with her, so if she starts wearing down, we are out of there! OR she can bring a blanket and I'll cover for her. I'll let her decide~ then I'll decide. LOL She doesn't know her limits yet. I can see her wearing down. She's in bed now. Hope she falls to sleep soon. I'll be praying for a peaceful night and week end. : )

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