Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday~ DRs day off

Hey! Nothing happening today on the medical field. Steff did have a peaceful night last night. A small, controlled episode, but then went to sleep. Of course, Dave had given her 2 benedryl in hopes of her getting lots of rest. We are thinking if that little body gets rested up that they might happen less often. Taking care of the body so it acts right is important. I'm positive this even applies to this little troopers body~ going through all this. We're feeding it> her appetite has not slowed down. She doesn't get much rest, but once she is finally "out" it's hard to get her up and around. Hope tonight is a smooth evening as well.

We did go to the Mall Of America today. Pretty impressive. They had at least ONE of every store you could imagine. We did not take a wheel chair, and did not have to carry but 2 medium bags. When I packed for Steff to come here, I was in the hospital mode. I packed all shorts, sweats, and T shirts. Today she purchased a pair of jeans and 2 shirts for the appointments next week. NOW, you all know the child needs clothing. LOL I'm sure she feels better being dresses like she normally dresses than in the lounge clothes I packed. She hasn't complained or griped at me for the packing though. She just shakes her head when she gets dressed. I just wanted her comfortable~ not fashionable! Dave was a trooper today at the mall. He's a GREAT guy ~ for those of you that don't know. And watching him with her warms my heart. They've always been close, but this is different. Sometimes I think I've lost my spot with both of them. ha

Not really, well, kinda. : ) What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. At least that's what they say.

I did understand DR#2 to say that DR#1 will be weaning Steff off the meds she has been taking. The keppra seemed to help in the beginning, but since she's been getting worse instead of better, she wants to stop them and go from there. Will know more on Monday/Tuesday. I do have a good feeling about DR#1. But I'm still praying for someone to open the door to her healing. Hope that's her!!! : ) Enjoy your Sunday!

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