Tuesday, January 11, 2011



A project to save lives and educate about the damage GARDASIL has done. Please watch it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

She Seems Good To Go...

The Bad Night Post should have been posted on Friday. Today is Saturday, seems she is doing okay. She thinks I over react with these episodes, and well, I probably do. It was a short one, and not nearly as severe as they have been. BUT I want them to GO AWAY and never come back. I want her body to be able to handle New Years Celebration, cheating with a little gluten and well, the things most college kids do.
She came home last night late, hit the sack and slept in today. She made  GF pizza and got ready for work, which I must say, she looked amazing. One would NEVER know by looking at her that she has any medical problems. So, my next idea.... I'm going to try to find a local Nutritionist and see if that would help. Dr. Amanda is helping her a lot with her back and neck, but I think she needs more... We'll see. I'm off to watch a movie and escape the real world for a bit....

A Bad night....

So, I started to type on FB, then remembered how pissed she would be. LOL She's been working both jobs every single day this week. Just happens that the office job she is doing with Peds Orthopeds is moving this week, so they need her help.. it's usually just entering codes into the computer, this week it's physical labor, everyday. AND the other host at Jack's went on a 7 day Cruise.. so when she leaves the hospital, she heads to Jacks and gets home around 11, to get up and start all over again. Today is the last day for both. THANK Goodness. I've watched her wear down all week.

So here's the smiLe for you. She screamed, jerked, twisted and cried for quite a while. Dave & I heard her and came running. I ended up sleeping on her floor once it stopped. She gets up this morning and against my wishes, gets ready for work and acts like nothing happened. I make her talk about it, trying to figure out what happened. We did. I send a text to her boss (friend of mine) about her episodes. I get one back.

"She told me she just overslept. She's laughing smiling and bouncing off the walls, you would never know she had a rough night." and here I sit. Called in vacation time, no sleep and worried to death. Her life continues to go on, mine stops. Dave and I both got sick to our stomaches last night when it was happening. I'm sure he's one tired guy today too. Ugh. After the episodes, she goes off to sleep ~ we sit and worry and worry and wonder WTH??? Okay, there's your blog for the day!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's Our College Girl....

This is December 2010. Steff's medical problems started in Feb 2009. Well, actually before that, but the severe part started in Feb. Prior to Feb, she complained of knee pain, her joints and muscles hurting every single day. Her low back pain was horrible. Then on Feb 2, 2009, our lives were turned upside down with the non epileptic seizures. Many thanks to the Dystonia Clinic in Maryland that asked me if our girl had gotten the Gardasil shots, when I called for help. My answer was Yes, all three. It was then that it all started falling together. Today, there is much more information on the internet & FaceBook about our girls. The Gardasil Girls. One just never knows. You think you are doing the right thing, by getting them vaccinated, then it turns your world upside down. SO, she's better, she's off to college, but not w/o struggles. This has been a life changing experience for us. She is the youngest of Four. All Four received every vaccine that was recommended. Today would I do that with my babies? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I cringe when I hear a mom talk about it. How can you know if your child/baby can handle the vaccine?


Bryce, Snowman, Steff & Josh

Phillip and his family had not arrived yet, or they would have been right in there helping to make the snowman!!

Christmas Eve 2010

It's NOW 2011...

Another year gone by, hoping to see as much improvement in 2011 as we did in 2010 with Steff's health. She finished her first semester ~ not too shabby on the grades. I was expecting the worst..... LOL .. yep, that's just me. Better to be surprised, than to be disappointed. LOL No, really, I knew she was having trouble with reading and well, it's probably hard to comprehend it if you can't read it. So, I was pleasantly surprised that the grades were ALL pulled up with finals. She was very proud. She's signed up for next semester, but I don't believe she's taking as many hours. First semester she took 15 and now she's taking 12 hours. Gee. With Rushing, Homecoming and joining the Sorority, seems she has that backward. But, she made it. Her GPA is not as high as she would like, but now that she's getting the hang of how College works, hopefully she will pull it up. Type "A" personality. = )
She's still home on break, I believe she goes back around the 21st. I have enjoyed having her here. She is still working both jobs through her break, which makes me smiLe. Every single penny going into the bank. = ) Funny Girl. Funny Girl.
We had a GREAT Christmas, the snow on Christmas Eve was a GREAT thing to wake up to. The kids... the adult kids.. built an awesome snowman! If I can remember how to put pics on here, I'll attach it. By New Years Eve, he was gone, just a scarf and several sticks laying in the mud! LOL