Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day was fun! Hot, but fun. Lots of people and lots of peace signs. We went about 1 and just got home. Steff and I went from Earth day to Boonville. We haven't been in quite a while, with the hospital visits and all, we've been pretty busy. We didn't stay too long at either of the houses. Steff is very tired and her back has been aching most of the day. I hope I didn't over do it with her today. I believe that's the most amount of time she's been out and moving. Keep your fingers crossed, b/c I AM! She's in the sauna now, then moving to our big tub to soak in Epsom salt. She has homework to do, then off to bed. I'll be praying for a quiet night. AND a quiet day at school in the morning! I'll be there somewhere walking for exercise and to be close ~ just in case. I like to have a plan you know, but I am thinking positive! Exercise is good! (ugh) I guess.
I have a ton of phone calls to make when we get home. I need to touch base with our insurance on acupuncture and how to file the bills that the medical places wouldn't file. Besides other things. Prom is next week end> Steff is counting the days. : )

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