Thursday, April 16, 2009


WOW! Last night was a long one. She just CANNOT lay down without this thing taking over her little body. I hate it! Today she is in the hospital, getting an EEG with video. She has had 2 episodes since they hooked her up. They took a TON of blood this morning early. She passed out. I heard her telling the lab tech that she was getting used to giving her blood, they called some code and the next thing you know, the room was full. She then went to the ER for observation, then to this private room. Busy day! We had a couple of different doctors this morning. They asked a ton of questions, naturally. I did throw in the fact that this was a very active normal teenager prior to Feb 2. She asked me if anything had changed in her life to start this> I did tell her the Gardasil shots. She said she doubts that is what this is. With attitude, I might add. As a mom, I really feel that is it. After I've read all the other moms blogs and reports, it makes me believe it more. The seizure like episodes, muscle spasms, all tests coming back normal, severe low back pain. There are a LOT of parallels with Steffanee and the other girls. I really don't know why the Drs refuse to recognize that. What difference would it make? I don't want to sue or anything like that, just fix her, bring back my active girl. The one that can lay down and take a nap anywhere, anytime. The one that used to laugh all the time and have fun without worrying about these stupid episodes. Okay. I'm done.

Seems we have more testing tomorrow. The MRI's of her head and low back. She has another appointment on Monday. So, we will be here for a bit. I just hope they find something that has been missed. Something that can be balanced out, fixed or however you want to call it.

OH! I almost forgot! I know you guys know that I will never get mother of the year.It's a joke with some of us. Sometimes I JUST don't think........okay,most of the time. Anyway, I was sure that getting her in the hot tub would be a GREAT idea. Relaxing, mellow, just sit and chat. She finally gave in, after a lot of begging. Dumbest idea ever! Are you all there yet??? Because I sure didn't think of it. If she has an episode every time she relaxes, what in the world would getting in the hot tub do to her?? You got it! A few minutes after she was in, she said her muscles felt kind of strange. (they were prob doing that dance they do - all on their own!) I convinced her to just try it a little longer. She didn't stay long, and when she got out, that walk had completely gone south. I guess relaxing in a hot tub is not a good idea! ugh. We made it back to the room, she had a little struggle, but not a full blown episode. I felt dumb, guess I should have given that more thought! Dave naturally said he thought of it. Bet not! LOL

She's still sleeping. She doesn't get much sleep at night. The child life specialist brought her in this laptop to use. She was on Facebook for quite a while. She then gave it to me, while she took a nap. A nap. You will never see her try to take a nap anywhere but in a hospital. She just won't take that chance.

We got word that Ms. Becky Turner might be her home bound teacher. This made her smile big.
I think they really bonded through the episodes she had in her room. I personally think Ms. Turner might have missed her calling. She switched to nursing in a flash, and did a fantastic job. Nursing is NOT my calling. I admire those that have that special touch!! All the nurses at the University had that touch. Of course, by our third visit, they all knew her and wanted her to get better. Okay, I'm rambling.......I'm outa here, to watch her sleep some more.

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