Sunday, August 30, 2009


Turned out to be a rather peaceful weekend on the episode front. This is good, very good. Yep, my roller coaster in on the hill today. : )
We had a very peaceful day yesterday. After Steff got pulled over by the Sheriff on Route B on Friday, we thought it was a good idea to get her license renewed ~ they expired on her bday. He didn't give her a ticket, but told her to get them renewed right away. SO, Sat morning was spent at the DMV ~ every one's favorite place! I was very surprised how busy they were on that side of the building! Okay, she's up to date now, but we were there past 11:30 and missed the foot bath I had planned on doing. She had to be there by 11:30, they close at 12. So much for that idea. She took a nap when we got home. Then a couple of our friends called, wanted her to come down (neighbors) for her bday surprise. YAY! S makes the BEST guacamole dip ever! We went down there, laughed a lot, she got nice & funny gifts, we ate the chips & dip THEN, they had their massage table set up ~ AND Steff got a nice massage on her upper back. I was so glad. That twisting of her arm really messed up her shoulder & arm. It was like being at Massage Envy, let me tell you! K has a meditation room, which is really nice. That's where the table was, with candles burning, and very relaxing music playing. Steff fell asleep during the massage. We probably should have tipped her, but didn't. LOL Great friends!
Steff came home, showered, then the girls all went out to eat for Michelle & Steff's bday. She said they laughed a TON! Then came her surprise! The neighbor girls, Dave & I all decorated while they were eating. We set the snack table up, along with the cake. If I must say myself, it was looking good! : ) We went to their house and hung out around a bonfire. It was a nice evening for that. We came home around 12:30, driveway was full of cars. House was mellow, some were watching TV, some playing the x-box, we told her good night and headed on to bed. This morning there were still kids here! Oh well, Dave made breakfast for them. Steff laid down after they left and was sleeping most of the day. That's a good thing. She said again, they all laughed a lot. Laughing is good! So, that pretty much covers her weekend and ours too. We didn't shop this weekend~ that was a good thing!! Obviously, today life is good. I hope yours is as well. I need to get lunches ready for the start of another week! Have a good Monday!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

She made it TWO wks of school...barely

Don't know whether to celebrate or not. She did make it 2 weeks of school, but not on a slide. She had the episode at Cheer practice, then last night at the game, at half time, she asks me to massage her arm???? Wasn't it her hip that locked up? Her arm was very tight, yep, you guessed it ~ she had a "shiver episode" at school 5th hour. Nice. I didn't know. This time it went up her spine, into her head/neck, legs, then her right arm stiffened and would not release. For those of you that can't picture it> let me tell you, her muscles have a strong mind of their own. Her elbow is very sore as well. Her teacher handled it very well, I guess. She went into a room, away from the class, the nurse came in and after some time, life went on. Did I ever mention that she's a trooper?? BUT, she should have told me. Well, she claims NOW she's eighteen. Then I claimed, yes, you are, and when you are an adult on the financial part of it, then you can have all the fame of being 18. Right now, we are paying the bills, it's our right to be informed. She probably figured I wouldn't let her cheer, and I probably wouldn't have. We know each other too well.
I have a cake in the oven for her surprise party tonight. Some of the girls are going out for dinner, she thinks it ends there, but they are coming back here to hang out. Sadie's in charge> AGH!!! no, really, she'll do good. I'm decorating while they are out eating, then Dave & I are leaving. Party on, Seniors. We're moving the Xbox, Guitar hero up, pools open, what more do they need, oh, and lots of movies. She'll enjoy.
They lost the game last night. BUT the cheerleaders looked good. The dance they did at halftime was very impressive. No jumping or running either. FINE job cheerleaders & coach.
So, here's to hoping from the bottom of my heart that next week is much better than this week, with lots of rest and staying home. No work. I think school and practice is quite a full day for a sick one anyway. We'll see.
We're going in for a detox foot bath this morning ~ once I get her up. I'll wait as long as I can! Have a good weekend, folks. Looks like it might be a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Me, Steffanee & Dave..........18th Bday

Typical day at our house.....

Yes! I AM 18!!!

and I know I'm cute!!

Josh licked her face AGH!

Datyn & Phillip

The GANG *minus Aaliyah & Carlee)

The Birthday Girl!!!

Phil & I

Josh & Emily

The Original Gang~ Poor only girl

Happy post> ALL SMILES!!! Gotta love it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

and just as I started to relax..

Hey. Today started out as a GREAT day. I took Steff to the Orthopedic DR, her knee is healing nicely ~ but still no jumping or running, to be on the safe side. He said her body has been through enough, let's give this plenty of time to heal. I really like him, I feel like he's honest and a straight shooter. SO, I asked him about the Gardasil, (we've chatted about it quite a bit & he recognizes that yes, this is an adverse reaction) I asked if these symptoms would go away in time. He said yes, they will, but you will both have the emotional scars. That dark cloud lifted, I'm telling you, my heart felt lighter all day. I have read that it would go away, but I have also read that Gardasil does not cause problems like this. SO, hearing it from someone I trust made me hear it. I smiled most of the day. THEN.......
I'm home, on the computer, of course! The phone rings, it's her coach, I don't freak out, b/c we talked earlier today. Yep, I should have freaked. It was one of the cheerleaders, Steff was having an "episode", but not as bad as before, she stated. So, I'm thinking those "quivers that go through her spine" and head up to bring her home. I walk in and she's sprawled out in the floor, face down. Coach is very good with her, talking quietly & rubbing on her.
Yeah, well, remember last nights post?? Wonder who will win? I did, by default. I called both jobs for her and had them take her off the schedule until they hear back from her. They were very understanding and I am very thankful that both managers "get it". They said very nice things about her. : ) She had to lay for a bit longer, she was very weak. Once Sara & I got her up, the walk went south. Been a while since I've seen that. (Tears!) That must be the emotional scarring he was talking about.
Long story longer, she's on the couch. Ate a good dinner, took a short nap, and is now watching a scary movie with dad. I HATE scary movies. They really scare me! ~ quite frankly, I don't get it. They love them. So, don't think I'm missing out on family time by being on this computer.
My heart got heavy again this afternoon. I had just started to relax and not worry so much about if she was going to make it through the day. Two weeks into school, and here we go. I had no choice on the jobs. Health, school, then job. Does Dave know yet? Nope. We'll chat after she goes to bed. He HAS to understand. Remember?? I'm the roller coaster - up and then down. Yep, that was my today. and life goes on. Pray for rest, rest and more rest for this child/adult of ours.
I feel like her body is telling more. It just can't keep going and going. Not with what it's been through in the last year. She didn't fold backwards, she said her hip just locks up. I'll have her tell Dr. M on Monday. Perhaps with her not working, we can hit that foot detox a couple of days a week. That would be good.
I'm heading out to fold laundry! Keep Steff in your prayers ~ Love you all, me
Did I say I HATE THIS!! I HATE HER HAVING TO DEAL WITH IT!! I hate it! That said, I'm off.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Steffanee!

Today the girl turned EIGHTEEN! Hard to believe. She had a great day. I sent stuff for Sadie Girl to decorate her locker ~ Sadie took a cake to school! She looked cute in the dress she chose to wear! I would say she had a great day! We took her to Outback, her favorite place. Not for the steak or the onion ~ It's her favorite place for the..... bread. Yes, she is her daddy's child. And yes, she did eat bread tonight. All the boys came> which made me happy too. Emily & Josh, Phil & Datyn, and Bryce. We laughed a LOT! Steff enjoyed it! I took quite a few pix> will try to post later this week. I'm trying very hard to limit my time on the computer. LOL no, really.
I talked to Steff tonight about quitting her jobs. Last night she slept from 6pm, moved her to her bed around 12ish, she slept through until this morning. Well dumb me! That's probably why she had such a great day!!! LOL She needs lots of rest. Working is keeping her from getting it. Dave says just quit one job ~ and work 10-12 hours. We'll see. I say quit both jobs and enjoy your senior year. .... well rested. Not to mention when she starts dragging homework in to do after work. I'm the mom, I worry about these things more. We'll see. I'm thinking if she gives her notice, and explains it, when she's ready to work this summer, they'll hire her back if they have openings. She's a good worker and very dependable. Wonder who will win this one??? (HELP ME OUT HERE, FOLKS!) Besides, she doesn't spend her money ~ she just banks it. Which is good, but ..... health & school are more important than her having money in the bank at this point.
Steff has an appointment at 7:30 for her knee tomorrow. I think he will release her. Here's a bit of BAD NEWS : She has cheer practice at 5 AM, I'm sure that's what she said, on Friday. School, then game. Besides that, she works Thursday night and closes. That means a late night. We are talking one exhausted girl by the time the football game is over. Stress me out!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I'm rambling and probably need to head off to bed> have a good day everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

All is Good....

Well, the little girl made it through both jobs on Saturday. I was worried. After work, she came home, stayed home and relaxed, then crashed. She asked me to sleep with her ~ when she does that it makes me wonder if she's scared. I asked her, she didn't answer, so I left it alone. While we were laying there though, she did tell me that her hip "locked up" while she was at a friends house on Friday night. It did that a LOT during the violent episodes. She did twitch and jerk through the night, but never woke up. I, on the other hand, got very little sleep. It just makes my heart hurt and my wheels turn and turn. She worked a short shift on Sunday, all went well, then she came home, took a nap and did her Epsoms salt bath. She did ask me if any of the other Gardasil girls were having trouble with "brain fog" ~ I call it brain fog, she says getting words confused & losing concentration. I explained that several of the girls note this in their profiles for the data base, in this group I joined. I guess she realized it yesterday at work. She has denied having trouble concentrating in the past. I would like her to cut her hours back to practically nothing, until we see how her body is going to handle school. She said she would, however, she headed out to work tonight ~ Wet Seal ~ the more stressful of the two.
So, I keep getting emails from different people, they must be finding my blog. : ) This is good. I also joined facebook ~ and ran across an old room mate/friend from years ago. SMILE! Facebook is a good way to get Steff's information out there.
I chatted with a couple of moms at the Football game on Friday night. One brought over some all natural products for her to try, and a book so we can check it out. The other suggested taking her to the new DR office that has all women in it, DRS specializing in different areas. I talked to STeff, she also thought that was a good idea, IF I do the talking. She is so sick of telling the story, and having them disagree. So, she will put me out there ~ just not herself!! LOL I can handle it, she knows that. She was supposed to see Dr. M today, but had to work. Besides, she informed me last night that she does not want to start going to the DR all the time again. I'll just do it on Wednesdays. AGH! We'll see what he says about that. I know she's sick of this stuff, but we are not there yet. I'm outa here> have a good one> and keep smiling! Life Is Good.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today, I told myself I was going to stay off the computer, clean house and spend time with my family. Here I sit. No promises, but I need to make it quick. Dave's mowing ~ usually my job, but, it's hard to use the computer while mowing. LOL
Steff be-bopped in yesterday after school and you would never have known she was exhausted. I smiled ~ she napped a minute or two and headed off to the football game. She went to a friends after, was home by 12:30. That's the good news.
I went in to get her up this AM~ she usually gets herself up, so I thought she was running late. Her body was twitching & jerking, with those eyes rolling back. She is exhausted ~ her body is tired. I tried to get her to find someone to work for her so she could rest. Nothing doing. She headed out, but looked very tired. She'll be heavy on my mind all day and every time the phone rings.................... I'll freak. Welcome to my world. LOL It's just part of it, I guess. She did say this morning that she is staying home when she gets off work tonight. Yep, she works both jobs. LAST SATURDAY for that, and I'm glad. Lord, just let her make it through today. As she was getting ready for work, she stood at her closet, wondering what to wear to work, then stated she's going to wear a dress on Wednesday, for her Birthday. Things that make her happy. SmiLe. She looked cute when she left.
Okay, short it's not, I'm out> will report later on how her day turned out. Enjoy the day> looks like we might get some sun afterall. Pool is calling my name!! Oh.. the cleaning.. maybe tomorrow. HA!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Poster

Okay, so I didn't get the words correct from the poster! I got the meaning and you probably did as well, from my quote. LOL
This is how it really read:
A Strong Positive Attitude will create more miracles than any Wonder Drug
Consider it corrected! : ) and good night.

It's Thursday......

I called Dr. M today. That's the DR Steff saw yesterday. He seems to think we can get her better. This is good news. I'll let him lead this time. LOL Last time, I went in telling him what I wanted him to do. The acupunture on her low back. It worked! Anyway, he told me to look up "upper Motor Neuron Lesion" > he does NOT think she has this, but this is how her body is acting, similar to someone that has that. Here's the definition:
General Discussion
Motor neuron disease comprises a group of severe disorders of the nervous system characterized by progressive degeneration of motor neurons (neurons are the basic nerve cells that combine to form nerves). Motor neurons control the behavior of muscles. Motor neuron diseases may affect the upper motor neurons, nerves that lead from the brain to the medulla (a part of the brain stem) or to the spinal cord, or the lower motor neurons, nerves that lead from the spinal cord to the muscles of the body, or both. Spasms and exaggerated reflexes indicate damage to the upper motor neurons. A progressive wasting (atrophy) and weakness of muscles that have lost their nerve supply indicate damage to the lower motor neurons.
He could touch certain places on her neck that would make her body do that twitching thing. It's good that he feels confident about taking care of her. I'm so glad. Along with the water, gluten free diet, Epsom salt baths, a few saunas...I'm hoping to see a big difference. Oh! and the B12.
Thanks so much for sending emails to the list I sent on email. and thanks for sharing them with me. The ones I read were heartfelt~ maybe we CAN make a difference.
I called Channel 17/Fox news today. Brave move, I know. LOL I told them that I saw their news story on Gardasil and wanted to know if they wanted to get in contact with a 17 year old girl suffering from the adverse effects of Gardasil. I hope they get back with me. I know I'm opening a door, but let the wind blow. For those doubters that it is Gardasil, I hope you're right, but I have a feeling....... there are too many stories like Steffs, common factors, athletes and Gardasil shots.
I'm off to bed, wheels turning and all. Have a good day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Direction.....

Today, we went in another direction. I didn't locate a Maximized Living Dr in our area, so I asked the Chiro that did Steff's acupuncture to help us. Today he did acupuncture on her neck, used a muscle detoxing tool on her back and did a regular adjustment after he messed with her spine quite a bit. He could touch certain places in her neck area that would make her muscles start twitching. I talked to him about Dr. Flannery in California, he took his web site address, said he would check it out. Also said if I want, he will try to connect with one of the DRS that are helping the Gardasil Girls and work through them. He's really nice and Steff is comfortable with him. She's been having bad headaches. He did say that her discs were off quite a bit. After all the twisting and turning her body has done, I'm sure things aren't in place. I REALLY hope he can help her!! He wants to see her 2 times a week, then we will evaluate if she's getting any relief. There's the plan.
The float trip. I thought they went to the Mermac River> nope. Current River. They went on rafts, sounds like they had a really good time! Senior Bonding.....
My dear Mother in Law sent me a book to read.... The G Free Diet> (Gluten) ~ Guess I had been get on it and commit for Steff. Dr. Menard (chiro) said the Gluten free diet is good for everyone! Yeah, he & his receptionist are probably on it. : )
We're hitting the end of the week here. SAy a little prayer that it ends on a good note. Steff was sound asleep when I came home from work to take her to the DR. She sleeps a lot! I need to go see if she's sleeping now, I've been online quite a bit> need to slow that down, the husband is home! : ) The house was pretty much a mess. With me working OT in the evenings, Steff working, then me on the computer until I go to bed, not much was getting done. I SURE did NOT expect him home. I usually clean up the messes on Friday afternoon!! LOL

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's almost ten and the kids aren't home yet. ....She sent me a text to let me know she survived. I'm guessing they had a blast. More later.
The smile. I've been kind of down lately, obviously, the crying and all. Today, I saw a poster, it read: More is accomplished through Positive thoughts than by any miracle medicine.
Yep> I saw it, processed it and got it. So, I'll just do things to help educate and help others avoid our ordeal. Be informed before you make the decision.
Have a GREAT day. It's now 10:15, they just got to the school.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick Post>> I hope. : )

As I read through the emails in the Group about Gardasil. I did find some encouragement in this posting:
The doctor at Duke told me that from his experiance, and he has 40 years of experiance, it typically takes 1 to 2 years to recover from a vaccine injury. That really helped me, because for a while, I was losing hope that she would get better. As of tomorrow, it will be 1 year since my daughter had her 3rd shot, the shot that took her down and disabled her. She is almost completely better, she is just tired a lot now and her period is irregular.
Sometimes I worry that this will only get worse and she will have it all her life. Probably b/c I REALLY don't understand what happens when she does that shiver thing or why it goes into their knees. I just read where one girl had 4 surgeries on her knee. WHAT?!?
School went well today. She's really excited about the float trip tomorrow. I, on the other hand, am worried. They leave at 6:30 AM, return sometime in the evening. She'll do fine, but by the end of the week, I'm afraid it will catch up with her. Gosh! I have become quite the worrier. and crybaby. I cry a lot when I talk about this, not sure what that's about either. WAAAA! : ) Oh, well, life goes on. I do feel much better to think that it won't just keep getting worse. We all started taking that B12 Liquid today. I'll give it a couple of weeks and let you know. Supposed to help with energy level and immune system. Off to bed it is> can't oversleep, the girls will miss their trip! Have a good week!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last Day to Sleep in for the KIDS!

Agh. School starts tomorrow. Steff stated when she woke up at 10 am, that today was her last day to sleep in. I smiled, b/c yes it is. She just left for work. Today she works at Justice 12-5. Justice is the easier of the two jobs. Probably b/c it's a kids store and the moms control what goes in & out of the dressing rooms, as opposed to dealing with a lot of different teen personalities at Wet Seal. She likes them both, but J is less stress for her. She worked them both yesterday. Yes, after I asked her to let them know she cannot do that anymore. She then told me that both places make their schedules out for 3 weeks. NEXT Saturday is her last double shift. She likes working in the mall ~ she sees a lot of people. SO, don't think it's b/c we make her work 2 jobs because of the shopping addiction LOL She seldom spends HER money. Saving it for college, she REALLY wants to stay in the dorms instead of home. We'll see, one day at a time.
After work last night, she ran around with friends, then made it home for her curfew. : ) While we were chatting, (she was actually eating), in the kitchen before we headed off to bed, I saw that dreaded "shiver" go through her body. Then the eyes, the neck/head, the arm, it mellowed, she headed off to bed. She did tell me to STOP staring at her as it was happening. It's just BIZARRE to me. I honestly don't get what happens! Yep, to her this has become normal. I HATE IT.
If you follow the blog, you know she hasn't spent much time at home this summer. I was glad to see her out enjoying life. HOWEVER! I guess these "shivers" and little episodes were happening and I didn't know. Probably better for her, b/c I would have slowed her down, perhaps that's why she doesn't share that information. Who knows? I did read on the group postings that Vit-B12 spray goes directly into the body and it has helped some of the girls. They keep talking about that gluten free diet as well, how much it has helped. NOW, we all know I don't do too good with following stuff like that, but I am going to try to figure it out. Even if we don't go 100% , 50% would have to make a difference. SO I think I will ease her into it as I learn. Clovers here I come. Lots of fruit & protein. Steff is willing to try it. I pray for a good school year EVERY single night. I pray for her health too. I just REALLY don't want a repeat of last year~ for her or the school. I know it's hard on her, but it's hard on everyone else as well. Okay, I'm rambling. I try to settle down and be calm about this, but when it happens, it freaks me out. Obviously.
She just takes it in stride. My little trooper, to her, life goes on.
I did speak to Debbie, the mom with a daughter (Danielle) that has been dealing with this for 2 years now. I'll touch on that later. She is right, we have a LOT in common with our girls.
I'm out. Have a good day! It's a nasty day~ a good read a book day. Too bad I have a bday party to hit and Dave has to take Steff to get school supplies. HA! That would be fun to observe. I'm the shopper here~ but I'm busy today.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Is it Denial?

Have I been blind or I wonder if it's denial? Yeah, there's been a part of me that REALLY wanted Steff's problems to be something else. I REALLY wanted it to be something that could be fixed. For some unknown reason, I decided to join the Gardasil Group to read and learn. Not sure what pushed me that direction, I've had that address since I first realized it might be Gardasil. Anyway, once on that site, it lists all the girls, their age, state, symptoms, dates of shots and tests that have been done. Yeah, most testing is normal. and several girls have symptoms very similar to Steffanees. I think there are 50 or more girls listed. It's only the moms in the groups girls. I then went to Gardasil Youtube and watched those. Yes, one girl described the seizure like activity just like Steffanee. Yeah, I'm starting to get angry with all this. One mom I email with said her daughter is very close to Steff's problems and it's been 2 years. I asked her her phone #, got it and plan to call her later today. I would like to hear their journey, things they have tried, what worked and what didn't. I'll fill it later.
Long story short today. Im very tired. Was up most of the night. My wheels are back in motion. I took Steff to her Oral Surgeon yesterday to set up her wisdom teeth surgery. That went well. He was very nice. She was comfortable with him. She wanted to go to St. Louis to eat at Joe's Crab Shack and yep, you guessed We are bargain hunters, I think that's what we get out of it, besides her closet overflowing. I had her call Dave and ask him, instead of me making that decision, I left it up to him. AND naturally, he told her it was okay. SO, we shopped in 3 stores that she was looking for, Forever21, Am Eagle, & Delias. We did good. Then we headed to Joe's, she got that Orleans bucket that she has been wanting for quite a while. All was good. We were laughing, had a very enjoyable day/evening. Then during the finish of supper, it started. The shivering, I honestly thought she was cold. Asked her, she said yes, she was cold. I didn't realize that was sarcasm, something we both serve well. Then her head/neck started twitching, her hands went inside (seizure-like), but she kept her end of the conversation going. She tried to ignore it, so I tried to as well, trying to hold back the tears. Finally when I asked if she was okay and does this happen often, she said "yes, mom, this is just part of my life, to me this is normal" OMG> what a little trooper. We went to the john, walk was a little off, but not too bad, then we left. Heading to the car, I asked if it was over. She stated, almost, it will go into my legs now for a while. and it did. Needless to say, I did not fight sleep on the way home. I was awake and wheels were turning. So here's the question. Have I been in denial? Is she worse than I thought? I have been doing what I know to do to help her. I'm researching a bit further as of this point. I'm tired. physical , emotional & mental. I thought I would update, b/c I always say if I'm not posting life is good. AND you know what? Life is Good. She's just having a little set back right now ~ We'll figure this out. She's working now, which BTW, she did tell both managers that her hours have to be cut way back with school starting, to see how her body handles school, then we will go from there. They do need her on Sat/Sun. Wish they didn't. Okay, I need to clean a little before that man of mine gets home. Shopping doesn't leave much time for cleaning!! HA. Love you all. Pray for our little trooper. I'm so glad her personality is back. We have made progress, they are lighter, she's dealing and she's sweet MOST of the time again. : ) Life is good.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Night.

Hey! Steff worked quite a bit this weekend. Not sure she is going to be able to handle both jobs. On Sat she does Mornings at Justice, then evenings at Wet Seal. I think she realized last night that it's too much for her. I believe she "had a moment" while working at WS. She took a break to regroup, then switched from register to dressing rooms. Dressing rooms aren't as stressful as the registers. We talked about it being too much for her tonight. We'll chat some more tomorrow.
We shopped today for school bargains. She got more clothes~ like she needs them! We split the bill, which is helpful. : ) This is a new thing!
I joined the group "Lets talk about Gardasil" finally. I tried several times, but the link wouldn't open for me. It did, I joined and have learned very much. If there was any doubt in mine or Dave's heads that all we have been through with Steff was anything but Gardasil, we realize now that it is the Gardasil. Several girls on that site had the same side effects as Steffanee. The seizures, jerking of limbs, feeling like their throat was closing, joint & muscle pain, the list goes on and on. I'm new on it, so it will take me a bit to learn the ins and outs, but I am very interested to learn how the parents are getting their girls better. Neurocleanse is something that is mentioned several times, hopefully I find time this week to dig deeper.
Very hard to believe that school starts a week from tomorrow!! She's excited. I'm nervous. Rest should be high on her list, we talked about that tonight too. I'm trying to get it higher on mine too, so I'll sign off and hit the sack! LOL Have a good week!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steff's home, well, not really

Steff's home from Branson, but not at home. She came in, shared, showered, ate and was out the door. Things to do and people to see I guess. She had a good time. They went shopping today, all day. : ) My girls a shopper, as long as it's ALL about her. LOL She got some bargains!
Since she was in, then out, not much to post. : )
My bike & I got along better tonight. LOL
Tomorrow is Friday and I hope I get out of bed on time> It would be the first day this week! Today, I even had to skip the hair styling! Yeah, I was looking good. ha. BUT I was on time. That was important for me today. LOL
She works quite a bit this weekend, tax free one. Her knee is hanging in there. Pain is post surgery pain, not the "old" pain. If you read the posting I put in from the other mom> did you notice that her daughter had pain behind her knee caps? Yep, Steff did as well. Bizarre that they have pain behind the knee cap. What is that about???

Similar Story to Steffanee's/Gardasil Shots

I was reading a reply on and ran across this posting. I did not write this post ~ but you would wonder if I did if you ran across it. Just thought I would share. I emailed this mom to find out how her daughter is doing and what course of treatment they are taking. UGH! Read on.............
March 26th20099:18 PM
My 16 year old daughter got her first Gardasil shot on January 9th, 2009. Her doctor practically pushed this on us during a routine doctor visit. The dr told us it was safe and would protect my daughter from numerous things. She never once told us of any side effects and made me feel like if I didn't get her vaccinated, I was being a 'bad mom'. Shortly after the first vaccine, we were in Walmart and my daughter started feeling like she was going to pass out. I thought it was because she hadn't eaten well that day so I bought her a candy bar and she ate it. (She's had several more of these episodes over the last few months.) Then she started having severe leg pains that I thought were just 'growing pains'. After the second shot on March 9th, 2009 she started having severe dizzy spells where she would run into things. Again I did not think anything of it other than maybe she hadn't eaten well that day. Then she started having numbness/pain/tingling in both legs and left arm. This is when I received an email about Gardasil that opened my eyes.
I started researching and found out about all these other girls that are having the same, if not worse, symptoms! I was in shock and disbelief. That same day, Friday, March 20th, 2009, she had an attack that was so bad I had to take her to the ER. At the hospital, they ran blood tests and did a CT scan. All tests came back normal. The doctor there told me not to get the third shot because he said my daughter was having an allergic reaction to the vaccine.
Since Friday, March 20th, I have been researching nonstop. My daughter has been having new symptoms almost daily such as back pain, bladder pain, pain behind both kneecaps, severe weakness, tingling in both legs and left arm, left arm is very weak, nausea, weight loss, etc.
Friday night, she had an episode where her entire body was jerking uncontrollably and she was in pain with her legs and left arm. Her heart was racing so fast and she was having trouble breathing. (she constantly says she feels like she cant get a deep breath and that it hurts). I was able to get her relaxed enough to go back to sleep.
On Monday, March 23rd, I called her doctor and told them what was going on. They told me to bring her right in. They also said that VARS had contacted them asking for my daughters' medical records. ( I had already reported to VARS before calling the doctor).
At the doctors office, I talked to her doctor about all of these cases and deaths that have been reported. She kept saying it was not the Gardasil. I asked her how she could be so sure, since this is such a NEW vaccine, nobody knows what to expect! She eventually started partially agreeing with me and examined my daughter. She called to get the reports from what the hospital had done and said she wanted to do more bloodwork. I had to take her back in to the dr's office the following day, Tuesday, for more blood to be drawn. They took 6 vials and said we wont have the results for about a week.
I am CERTAIN that my daughter is suffering because of the Gardasil shots! She was a healthy, happy, vibrant, energetic 16 year old. Now she is tired all the time, weak, sick, and cant do her school work. She is very scared because of what we have found out from other girls.
I'm afraid for what is to come! Every day she seems to have a new symptom.
I found a great support group at ****** They have been a great help to me over these last few days. They have done their homework and are working very hard to get our government to do a thorough investigation into Merck and Gardasil before more of our beautiful daughters are harmed or killed.
I urge everyone to educate yourselves before you vaccinate with Gardasil! If you want more information or if you want copies of the documents that we have found, including a Warning Letter that was sent from the FDA to Merck last year that found them in violation of NUMEROUS things, come to our ****** group.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday 8/05/09

Denise reported that last night was a peaceful night. I'm glad! Steff called twice today> they are having a very good time. Went to Silver $$ City, took old time photos, rode go karts and are now eating hot wings! Right down her alley! Shopping tomorrow, then heading home.
I picked up my bike from Walt's today> rode it around the neighbor hood> going to take me a while to get used to it. LOL Seat is MUCH better! : )
It's very quiet around here...... LOL

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Knee seems good to go!

Steff went in on Monday to get her stitches out of her knee from surgery. That went well, but better yet, her walk is back to her walk. LOL Instead of throwing that right leg out, she's placing it like she used to. Seems so far that her knee is not hurting, just sore on the knee cap from surgery. This is good, but I don't want to speak too soon. She is out of cheer practice until she sees him again on August 27. No jumping, running, you get the picture. If he clears her at the next appointment, it's life as usual.
Steff left today for Branson. She was excited about going. The deal was that her room had to be cleaned, or she was not going. Last night around 8 ~ it was FINALLY clean. She was supposed to do it yesterday afternoon, but slept all day instead. Must have been tired. : )
Long story longer, : ) She slept with me last night. 1. Dave was out of town 2. I'm a chicken 3. I watched a murder show 4. I'm a chicken 5. She wouldn't have to make her bed again. Besides, she was leaving this morning for a couple of days. : ) She fell off to sleep before I did, with a little flinching and muscle twitching ~ which is probably normal for all of us. It went on most of the night. Her neck, her leg, her arms, all night long. Granted, she did NOT wake up and it must not have been the painful spasms she once had. SO, has she gotten better? Yes. However, I was very surprised that her muscles still "act out" during the night. If she hadn't slept with me, I would not have had a clue! So, we get up this morning, and I ask her if she had a good night sleep and the answer was YES I DID. I don't think she had a clue OR she has just accepted it as part of her life. I didn't share all this with her, I didn't want to stress her out about having an episode while she's out of town with Sadie. little brain has been working all day. School starts Aug 17, please let this be a good year for her. So, heads up for DAve and I while she sleeps, we will be checking on her to figure out if it's a nightly thing, or if there's a pattern. Bummer.
I hope they are having fun in Branson> I'm sure that gang of girls could have fun anywhere! They'll be home on Thursday. Until then, I'm sure she'll be fine.