Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're HERE!!

We got started later yesterday than planned. I had few things I had to wrap up before we could leave. We gave Steff 2 benedryl before we left, she slept pretty much the entire way here. Those of you that know me will be VERY proud to know that we drove all 7 1/2 hours with out ONE pit stop! I didn't want to disturb her resting, but I was full! I was running into the motel room! LOL It was a very mellow ride, we both slept, Dave sang and drove. She had a difficult night, trying to go to sleep. Motel is very nice and close to Mayo. They have a shuttle every 30 minutes. All is good.
It's Wednesday, we saw the Dr. very nice, patient, and easy to communicate with. She spoke mostly with Steffanee. (good thing for her!!) LOL She did more extensive testing with the motor skills than I've seen. Steff was fighting off an episode the entire time we were in her office. Seems she is an epilepsy specialist. Whatever...we are here, willing to see who ever it takes. She took the CD of the episodes and watched it, asked to share it with her colleagues, I told her to keep it if she thinks it can help. Steff has blood (with fasting) and urine tests scheduled at 7 AM, then a video/EEG at 9 AM, and an MRI of her brain and low back scheduled too. Not too sure of the days or times, but think we will be here until at least Monday. We also have a DR appointment scheduled with another Dr sometime in there. Dave has the schedule, you know> MR. Early man! Steff and I are trying to catch up on our sleep! Well, really, I am. After her appointment today, we had lunch at Quiznos and headed back to the room. She pretty much struggled with the fight until we chilled in the room. Her walk really went south.
That's pretty much our day and I'm happy to say they have 2 computers in this motel office! Seems like tomorrow is full, but will try to post when I get a chance. Bad news for Steffanee, they blocked facebook in here. Probably thought they would never get her out! JJ

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