Friday, April 24, 2009

Good, but gross news ; )

It's Friday!! I have good news, gross maybe, but good! Today I took Steff to the tanning bed, (I know, I know!) BUT the good news is..... she said she sweated really bad in the bed. To some this may be Gross ~ but to me, this is very good. At least she is sweating again. Yeah, I'm sure she will be proud to read that and share with everyone! LOL To me, though, it is just one more good thing to share. Baby steps.
I almost hate to say it, but she had another good night last night. She slept sound. Two nights in a row ~ that's the best she's done in quite a while. However, tonight is Friday, which means later hours. Hope we can make it three in a row! She had kind of a rough day with her back. I took her to the Chiro, which usually gives her some relief, today he did not. SO, I called the ped ortho to ask for anti imflammatory meds. IB s are what they recommended. That's fine, but they seem to upset her stomach. We'll try it. I also switched from heat on her low back to cold. Who knew?? I guess it depends who you are talking to about it! So, ice it is!
Her home bound teacher came today. They worked together and made a plan. This seemed to go really well. Steff was very happy with it. : )
I tried calling today about the accupuncture today, didn't have much luck. I got mostly answering machines. Will try again on Monday. I would like to find someone that takes our insurance. But will settle for one that doesn't> just feel it might help her. Okay, I'm outa here> enjoy your Saturday!! Rain and all.

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