Thursday, December 2, 2010

No Posting is Good News = )

LOL Yep, no posting on the blog is usually good news. Steff came home for Thanksgiving, spent a week here. Of course, she didn't just stay here.. she was on the move. LOL Seems those glasses are making a difference in the desire to read. She read quite a bit.. finished that book.. Racism without Racists. Yeah, well, I probably wouldn't want to read it either. LOL She had to do her outline for the paper on it and got a B.. yes, it does wonders to actually ReAD the book!
She seems like she is doing really well, sounds full of life and spirit again. I believe Dr. Amanda is getting her on the right path again. She gets tired, but I'm sure that part is normal. = ) I just got off the phone with her, she sounds so happy, and that my friends, makes me happy!!
So, boring as this post may be.. it's a good one! So, tomorrow is Friday.. enjoy your weekends!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


We went to Dr. Amanda and was very impressed with her. I went with Steff on the first 2 visits, after that, she's on her own. AND it seems to be making a difference. With Dr. Mark, Steff was in denial about it being Gardasil, so I had to push and push to get her to do what he said. HE wanted to talk and deal with her.. nothing doing. She wasn't even SURE it was Gardasil, and YOU don't even know it is. Okay, child, I give up on that battle, now let's get better, regardless what we each feel it is, HE is making you better. UGH... that was a rough road. So, after that experience, I decided, she's 19 and will do what Dr. Amanda says if she wants to feel good. Mission accomplished. = ) She takes her meds, no begging, she drinks her carrot juice.. okay, complaining there, but I don't push! LOL ALL that she has been through, she can see what happens when she veers from the plan, or decides to have one drink of alcohol.. it tears her body down. So, long story longer, we really like the DR and we are seeing good things happen.
Steff is home for a week for Thanksgiving Break. I did take her into get her eyes checked, seems she just cannot read ~ it's too much work on her eyes. Well, guess it is!! Her vision is 20/15, but her eyes don't work together when she reads, one tries to pull away. NOPE, never noticed that. She now has reading glasses with prisms in them. She says it has made it easier to read now. BUT the book is for Sociology.. enough said. BORING!! LOL
Me? LOL I've been on a mission and will continue to be. Doesn't matter to me that my family thinks I"ve gone overboard. LOL I've been running copies of all the good articles, the flyers with the girls and stories on it, and basically any article I find informing .. and taking them to Dr and Dentist Offices, just laying them around in the waiting rooms. I hit a different OB GYN office each week. HEY! If I had found and read one of those articles, I wouldn't be blogging today. So, that is my mission. = ) INFORM, INFORM, Share & share.
I'm out, things to get done before bed.. Take Care and have a good day!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Small Update.

Steff had a SMALL episode during one of her classes yesterday. = ( The professor had to call 911, per school rules. I worry about her everyday. At the start of school, we could not get her to come home, and she made a small amount of contact. Now, she wants to come home and we are in contact everyday. This tells me something is going on with her body ~ she doesn't know what it is, but feels something is wrong. She is back to sleeping a LOT. She has an appt with Tiger Chiro on Thursday.. hoping they can help. She LOVES college and the dorm! She also loves being in the sorority... but I do believe all this is taking a toll on a girl that has been through so much. Homecoming is over.... that will help, but now she will be rolling into finals.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flagged Blood Results

I'm very tired and headed to bed, but wanted to touch base for just a moment. No, Steff is not doing great. She has had a few setbacks. I was looking at the results of Steff's blood test. WOW. The things that are high surprise me ~ I think she eats relatively healthy, but her blood doesn't show it. I'm going to copy/paste her flagged results, along with the normal range. I will get back to blog soon, I hope. I did make her an appointment with the Chirop at Tiger Chiro. I am looking forward to getting back on the road to getting her better. Have a good day folks.. I'm tired, webmd wore me out tonight.
LOLWBC 11.5 ~ normal is 4.0-10.5
Cholesterol, Total 192~normal is 100-169
triglycerides 237~normal is 0-149
Thyroid, T3 uptake 21~normal is 23-35
Lymphs (Absolute) 5.1~normal is 0.7-4.5
VLDL Cholesterol Cal 47~normal is 5-40
Hemoglobin Alc 5.7~normal is 4.8-5.6
Glucose, Serum 98~ normal is 65-99
I read a lot about low thyroid. I'll paste a bit of what I found. She has almost all of these symptoms... makes you wonder.
Hypothyroidism, by contrast, stems from an underproduction of thyroid hormones. Since your body's energy production requires certain amounts of thyroid hormones, a drop in hormone production leads to lower energy levels.
Signs and Symptoms You may feel tired, weak, and/or depressed. You may have dry skin and brittle nails. You may have difficulty standing cold temperatures.You may experience memory problems or trouble thinking clearly. HELLO!!You may have heavy or irregular menstrual periods.Symptoms of hypothyroidism occur slowly over time. At first you might not notice these symptoms. See your doctor if you have symptoms like these that get worse or won't go away.
So, I made an appointment with Tiger Chiropractic for next week. Hope she can help her. Ugh. It has been a LONG road and we are still traveling........... just when you think you have it solved, something else pops up....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Days....

So, today is June 19, and life is still good. Since we received her saliva results, Steff has been pretty much gluten free. Okay, friends/family, I'm not a dumb mom, I know she has a few cheats, so don't feel the need to tell me. LOL (FYI I DO have a friend or 2 that like to correct me) Anyway, overall, she does pretty good. She has been feeling much better & seems to have more tolerance. One evening last week, she was at a friends house, they were hungry & fixed a frozen pizza and indulged. She paid the price BIG time the next day, the day was completely wasted. She had a bad headache, stomach problems ALL day and just overall felt bad. She knew what caused it and wasn't sure it was worth it. SO, life is full of lessons. I believe one was learned ~ however, I'm very surprised it was frozen pizza (prob had a ton of additives as well), b/c she is a BIG Shakespeare Pizza fan. I wouldn't cheat with a frozen ~ I would make it worth my while on a GREAT pizza!! Kids. LOLI'm thinking that in a couple of weeks, I'll have her do the saliva test again, to see if she is making progress w/o gluten. Dr. Marks idea has always been ~heal the gut, then we will deal with the broken brain barrier. Nope, I have NOT given up on his ideas. We're still working with him, but for now are just concentrating on her gut. She still takes 3 liquids ~ B12 is one of them. I am very happy to say she seems like that "pre Gardasil" girl sometimes. I do have to make sure she eats on a regular basis ~ not counting sugar~ I know she's almost 19, but I'm the one that has to put up with her mood if her body is lacking on protein ~ I'm usually the one that gets the blunt of it. We argue over stupid stuff, then I realize she prob needs food, but we are usually WAY into an arguement over "nothing" before my light bulb goes on. I'm getting more tuned in!!So, she graduated and that was a great day. Yep, I shed a couple of tears, but I am SO happy for her. She is attending Mizzou in the Fall, staying in the dorms. I pray that all goes well. Her major is pediatric physical therapy at this point. We'll see. She took most of her basic college courses her Junior & Senior year for dual credits, so she is well on her way. I just hope she gets tuned into her body so all goes well. = )Me? I'm doing good. I'm hardly on the computer anymore, I will say that when I am, I still read stories and posts from moms with sick girls. It will always be in my heart to share and help with our experience all I can. I did purchase shirts from the ~ but I think I did it from Facebook, not sure. Anyway, I bought 3 nice T's with the website in cut out letters on the front of the shirt ~ yep, people ask questions. The shirt itself is nice, small words with a big message.I gave one of her friends one as well, she's going off to college in another city. She's been a big support through all of this. So, back to me. LOL I'm good, we're good and actually, it feels like life is good. I still pray for our girl, but she seems to be doing quite well. It is the small accomplishments in life that make me happy. I don't worry when she drives anymore, I feel okay leaving her at home alone again, I can sleep through the night w/o coming upstairs a couple of times through the night to make sure she's breathing and okay. So, yeah, I pretty much would say, life is good. = ) So, unless things go south, I probably won't feel the need to vent ~ LOL That is how this blog thing got started ~ me letting my feelings out, along with getting information out to friends/family without being on the phone all night. It has helped me more than anyone will ever know ~ this blogging thing. Plus the contacts I have made through moms reading it. So, many thanks to all of you that have helped us through this tough time in our lives... here's to hoping that Life is Good every day.. for all of us!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oprah Address for show suggestions!!!!

This is a connection to Oprah's suggestion page for stories for her final year of shows. I am thinking if all Gardasil Moms or Girls write a suggestion from their hearts.. perhaps it will happen. Please take a moment to share with family/friends, so we can all pour our hearts out and make a difference. Thanks.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blast from the Past

Okay, so things were going fine. On Wednesday, Steff had an episode at school. It wasn't just the tremors that we have become accustomed to, but more intense. I know she gets tired of doing this medical plan, with all the supplements and the protein drink every night. Who wouldn't?BUT after today, it proves completely that she needs to stay on it.

Leslie (comment on last post). Thank you very much. I am glad she's better, but we still have a long way to go. She has come a long way from Feb 2, 2009, and things are much better than they were then, but things are NOT like they were prior Gardasil. Her memory & thought process is not the same. So, when I say "life is good" don't think we have this all wrapped up, because we know that we still have a long way to go. I do think it is important to recognize that her health has come a long way, she's happier and life is just much easier.
So, everyone, know that it isn't over yet. We are still fighting for her health and doing the best we can. A little set back on Wednesday, that's all.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ONE year ago today.. this blog

ONE year ago today, our journey down this medical road started. I created this blog in the middle of Feb to keep family and friends posted. Today, I'm happy to say, Steff is doing much better. The episodes have calmed down to "tremors" instead of the violent seizure like episodes.
Her body lets her sleep through the night and overall, she has much improved throughout the year. Wasn't sure we would make it ~ stress and all ~ but we have. Here's to hoping and praying that next year at this time, she's off to college doing very well.
So, Life is Good in the Richardson household. = )
Positive thoughts bring positive things.......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time to Move on...

We are progressing quite well with Dr. Mark Flannery. Steff is doing good and seems to be improving. It's still a day by day ordeal, but feel it's time to move on. So, the blogging will be finished for a while. I might check in a on monthly basis, just to document what is happening on Steff's road to recovery. So until then, we're out! and Life is Good.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to the Schedule

Holidays are over, back to the schedule, all the way around. Steff is tolerating the chelation very well and things are good. Hoping 2010 is a much better year for us!! = )