Monday, April 20, 2009

Here's the diagnosis...the way I understand it

Okay. Here's the diagnosis as I understood it. First off, all her blood was normal. Yep, normal. Her urine was normal. Yep, normal. All testing has been normal. We get the MRI of her spine done tomorrow, they did her head today. I'm guessing it will all be.......yep, normal. They did test her blood for auto immune and it was normal. I was glad to hear that. Seems like that is a problem with the girls I have been reading about. There's that duck.

So> we have a normal girl. BUT not really. Since all testing is normal, DR#1 has decided that Steff has had inflammation & pain in her muscles and joints for so long, probably from the Gardasil (DR said it, not me!), that she is having stress (that LOVELY word) brought on by wondering what is wrong with her body and why does it hurt all the time. WHICH, in turn, brings on anxiety, which continues to accelerate b/c she doesn't know why her body continues to ache and hurt.
Okay. I'm on board, so is Dave. Steff, on the other hand, is confused. I explained to her that this is real. No one is saying she isn't having real physical problems. The good news from DR#1, this will go away in time. More good news from DR#1, we will wean her off all these meds, starting today. Steff then went for a biofeedback appointment to learn how to control the pain and muscles when they start coming on. She has the MRI tomorrow, we thought about coming home after that, but not sure how her body is going to handle her laying on her back all that time. Would hate to get on the road with her uncomfortable. SO, it looks like we will be leaving here on Wed AM. Will be in touch with some of you on Tues PM or Wed AM. ~ teachers, school, work, you know, those kind of things that we've missed out on this week. : )

My plan? I plan to stay positive with this. Don't necessarily buy stress, but get it. I do get it. I will feed her the minerals and vitamins I purchased from the holistic DR~ what can it hurt, they are all natural? We will pay close attention to what her body needs, sleep, good food, etc. I'm going to try to get her into the sauna & a couple of massages. It does seem like this trip has helped her. She's had more rest than she's had in a while. She still had quite a bit of jerking in her sleep last night. SO~~~~Do I think it's over? No, I wish I could say YES, but I can't. I'm off work for 1 month, hoping to ease her back into school, with this home bound studying. We will schedule a meeting with the school when we get home. I had really hoped they would have said "this is what's wrong" & "give her these pills for a week and it will be gone" I wish life was that easy! It's not, so, we continue to pray and wait. Maybe it's the praying that's making her better! Day by day, hour by hour. and life goes on........

One thing I forgot...AGAIN, please don't question Steff about what is going on, she is trying hard to understand it, but not sure she is ready to openly discuss it. THX

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