Thursday, December 2, 2010

No Posting is Good News = )

LOL Yep, no posting on the blog is usually good news. Steff came home for Thanksgiving, spent a week here. Of course, she didn't just stay here.. she was on the move. LOL Seems those glasses are making a difference in the desire to read. She read quite a bit.. finished that book.. Racism without Racists. Yeah, well, I probably wouldn't want to read it either. LOL She had to do her outline for the paper on it and got a B.. yes, it does wonders to actually ReAD the book!
She seems like she is doing really well, sounds full of life and spirit again. I believe Dr. Amanda is getting her on the right path again. She gets tired, but I'm sure that part is normal. = ) I just got off the phone with her, she sounds so happy, and that my friends, makes me happy!!
So, boring as this post may be.. it's a good one! So, tomorrow is Friday.. enjoy your weekends!!