Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Evening

Lazy day around here today. We layed in the pool for most of the afternoon. I just checked on Steff's grades online. Mission accomplished! A's and 1 B+ Not too shabby for missing the entire 4th quarter. She'll be happy.
She has put herself back into the knee brace. She pops and locks her knees when she walks. Not sure if she has always done this, but we noticed it at the hospital in Feb. The knee giving her trouble is the one she had surgery on, they removed the plica. Her PT seemed to think that there is a piece left in her knee, it catches on her knee cap when she walks. I'll call and get an appointment tomorrow. She missed that follow up appointment, b/c she was in the hospital.
When she went in for acupuncture on Friday, I mentioned her hips still hurting. He put pins in each hip, along with the same ones in her back. He asked her if her back was still hurting ~ she had to think about it, then said no. This is good. The fact that she had to think about it alone, was good. Hips and knee and perhaps we are there! She has a dentist appointment on Tuesday about her wisdom teeth, then Wed she sees Dr. F, the rheumotologist (sp) and has acupuncture on Friday.
Busy week. Sometimes I wonder if she has been uncomfortable with pain for so long, that she can't let it go. I don't think she is faking anything, but she has had joint and muscle pain for almost a year now. Of course, my goal is to have it all fixed and be done with it. I HATED seeing her put that knee brace back on. But if it helps and she needs it...... but I wish she didn't. I am SO over dealing with all these DRs and appointments. Yeah, I know, I'm a roller coaster rider. I really thought we were so close to being done. Bottom line ~ I just want her to enjoy her life, w/o worrying about her knees, hips or back. The teeth thing can be resolved easily. Well, compared to everything else. LOL I'm off to bed, time has gotten away from me, and I can't sleep in tomorrow!! : ( Have a good week!

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  1. Hi, we met in Rochester back in April (in the hot tub and later in the computer room), we are from Brooklyn, NY. I rummaged thru my carry-on yesterday and found the printout you handed me with your blogging address. I logged on and and read some of your blog. Thank God, she is is she feeling? are things back to some form of normalcy? I wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

    On the other front, how are you doing with your Gardasil battle? Did they ever own up to their share of the problem?

    Good luck there as well.


    Miriam (and Ben) Werczberger
    Brooklyn, ny