Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday & a beautiful day!

The sun is shining! Looks like we are in for a nice day without RAIN! We let Steffanee spend the weekend with Laney to celebrate her graduation. She said she did good. She's sound asleep now. I'm sure w/o me hounding her to go to bed, that rest wasn't high on her list. ha. SO, we will let her catch up today. If things are good tonight, then that means we have REALLY made progress. We hesitated on the leaving for the weekend for Washington thing. BUT she does every single thing we, I, ask of her. Sauna, Epsom salt bath, the water, you've heard it all, several times. She does it. Sometimes she growls, but does it. SO, for me, this weekend was a test on her body. So far, it's looking good. Bed time will be the test. Hope it goes smooth. It will!!
I didn't post b/c I didn't want to set myself up to have to take words back. : ) We touched base with her more than usual. We both missed her, since we have all been together so much. Dave & I went to Erika's (niece) dance recital, which was good, then out to eat with the family. We both enjoyed it, then came home and chilled out! I watched my favorite show... Medical Mystery! It has been a fav of mine for several years, it isn't anything new! I also like Untold Stories of the ER. Strange, I know. Dave caught up on Survivor so we can watch the final show tonight.
That's about it. Boring, I know. But, boring is good.
Steff did get her Senior Pix and they are good. Going to be hard to make choices.
OH! And Dr. Fosenlogan (sp) called. I know you know I'm going to say... the tests were normal. Surprise surprise!! X-ray & blood were the only results she had. Since things are better, I'm okay with normal. I asked to get her sleep study moved up, couldn't, so we are on call. If they get a cancellation, we're in. If not, we will wait.
I go back to work on May 29. Hoping to finish up some of the Dr visits by then. She will continue acupuncture at least 2 more weeks. June 2, she gets her wisdom teeth looked at, they keep coming up & going down. June 3 is her follow up with Dr. F. Hoping things just keep getting better! Prayers are still good!! : ) Life is good!

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