Monday, May 4, 2009

Another good night

Okay, we are three good nights in a row! This is good. I let her sleep until she wakes on her own, her body knows what it needs. She complained about her back and knees hurting really bad yesterday. I'm thinking she must have REALLY danced to be complaining about her knees OR there is still inflammation. I gave her IBs and iced them~hope they are better today. She has an appointment at 1:30 with the new chiro that does acupuncture. I believe that was the hour she was planning on going to school. I will suggest she touch base when she starts moving around.
I sent out an email THANK YOU for the fundraiser. I cannot say it enough. We appreciate all the time & energy put into it, along with all the support and prayers coming our way. I do believe this is helping her get better. I know it helps to keep me in better spirits~ it helps me to stay positive. Words of encouragement and hugs have helped us through this.
I need to get a few things done and tackle this upstairs ~ ugh!! I'm here and it needs to be done.
A good night of sleep certainly helps!! : )

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