Friday, May 29, 2009

IT"S FRI-DAY!! My last day.

It's Friday! I thought I had to work today. YAY! I"m off until Monday. : ) One more day and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful one! The sun is shining and so is our pool. As cloudy as it was when we opened it, today it is sparkling clean. This is GREAT! I hate fighting to clear it up. It pretty much happened on it's own, with a little help from me. I plan on enjoying it this week end, sounds like the weather is going to allow it. Then work on Monday. Can't wait!

Steff is still sleeping, shocker I know. She has come a long way from Feb 2, to a twitch in her neck and back. AND it must not be too bad, b/c I haven't noticed. But then again, I have stopped examining her every move like I was. She's going to be okay. She even did 2 loads of her wash yesterday! AND all the way through, out of the dryer and all! LOL She hasn't done her wash since Jan. We all know she has a ton of clothes, but yes, I have done it for her while she was sick. I was waiting .... and it worked. I'm glad to see her doing things w/o me hounding her. She has acupuncture today. We took another walk last night, she complains that her knees, back and hips hurt quite a bit. She comes home while I keep walking. I know you prob are surprised I don't quit as well! LOL We'll mention this to her Dr. next week when she goes in. I'm curious to see what they will do about her tossing and turning all night. The nurse said she tore that bed up the night of the study. SO, what will they do? Tie her down so she will lay in one spot?? ha Other than drugs, I'm not sure what the answer will be. Joking aside, I'm serious. I am curious as to what the answer will be. OH! and speaking of drugs, she is off all of them now. She is only taking Aleve 2X a day for inflammation. This is good.

She stopped by her job one day this week and she starts back on June 7, with quite a few hours. She's happy. I'm glad too, it keeps her busy. I believe that's about all I know. : ) Enjoy the nice day!!

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