Thursday, May 21, 2009

Testing that body.. for sure

Seems Ms. Steff is testing that body of hers. She was up very late last night doing homework, then had to cadet teach this morning. Well, not morning to most of us, but getting up before ten is morning to her. She had a couple of time consuming projects she finished last night. I know they are trying to wrap things up, and I also know she is testing that body. She didn't take time to do the sauna last night. Got to bed late, but did drink most of the allocated water. : ) She is now down to only 1/2 Keppra with 2 Aleve each day. Tomorrow will be her last day of cadet teaching, if her hours are all finished. If not, she will have to do a few days of it for summer school. Knowing her, it's done. We'll see. Here's to her bod holding on without as much rest. : )
Yep, she just walked in the door, complaining about how tired and hungry she is, should be a fun evening! ha.

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