Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy Monday

Steff had an appointment at 10 this morning for acupuncture> we barely made it. Seems 10:30 works best for us. It is hard to get her up and moving! She had a good night> but still couldn't get up and go. We made it. She also had the echocardiogram (sp) ha! or WHATEVER it's called today. We had to walk through the adolescent floor at the hospital where she stayed ~ saw some her favorite nurses there, which made her smile. : ) They must have been at shift change b/c there were several there. We laughed as we went in for her test. Not sure exactly why we did that test, but I'm trusting the DR. ~ guessing she knows why. I know what she's checking for, but ..... ............. Okay ~ I'll ask when she calls with the results, then I'll know. : )

Her home bound teacher came over, Steff took her biology test and studied with her for a while. She is working on homework now. That's our day! Somewhere in there, I did take a walk! Not much going on here.
I did find out that her sleep study will be in the summer> seems that is the soonest they could work her in ~ guess that's fine, she won't have to miss her cadet teaching.
Another reason I KNOW that girl is feeling better> she was on top of her game with the boys yesterday. They didn't get anything over on her!

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  1. Hello. I have followed your daughter's story and want to say that I am so glad that things are looking up somewhat! Your story caught my attention bc of the Gardasil and bc my daughter's name is Stefanie. In the fall of 2007, my 19-yr old daughter (now 20) suffered a severe reaction to Gardasil in her second yr of college, which thankfully subsided after 9+ intense weeks. This past weekend, she graduated from college (she finished in 3 years, in spite of her illness). I tell you this to give you hope. However, my daughter has continued to experience serious menstrual problems which began after 2 Gardasil shots (Sep/Oct 2007); thankfully, she did not get the 3rd shot bc we figured it out. In Oct 2008, my daughter's pap test was abnormal with precancerous cells and positive for high-risk HPV. I'm sure you're familiar with the Judicial Watch Report which states that the chances of developing precancerous cells can be increased by 44.6% after receiving Gardasil shots if certain (undetectable) conditions existed prior to receiving the vaccines. My daughter had a normal pap test in Sep 2007, but has now had 2 abnormals: Oct 2008 and Feb 2009; going to GYN tomorrow for another appt. I have reviewed numerous VAERS reports and it seems that more and more girls/women are receiving abnormal pap test results months AFTER the Gardsil shots. I wanted to share this with you to make sure you were aware of this potential problem. My prayers are with you and your daughter as she continues to fight her way back to being a "normal" teenager again!
    On another note, your website led me to where an "expert blog" was posted today re: HPV Vaccine which states that there are "no serious side effects". Of course, I posted a comment and thought you might like to, also.