Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It was a Rough Tuesday

Today was a rough day. I kept trying to get her up, she kept sleeping, sound. When she finally got up, she decided not to go to school. She was still tired. We chatted for a while, I guess that is the nice way to put it. She is very frustrated, angry, and sad with the situation. She feels like she has no control over her life. And she's right. I stated that maybe the DR tomorrow can help. She told me to stop getting excited, she is tired of being dragged to DRs and no one can figure it out and get her better. She's right. How can I argue? She didn't have too many positive thoughts today ~ let me tell you! On top of all her not feeling good, frustration with the Drs., she learned yesterday that she cannot attend cheer practices. Since she isn't well enough to attend school, she can't do the extra activities. A part of me understands it, the other part watches her with hurt feelings ~ and it's hard. This has been very hard on her and she has handled it like a little trooper, until today. I hope all the venting she did today released some of the frustration she has had built up inside. Holding it in cannot be healthy. A VERY long day. A very long day. When Dave got home, they chatted and she seemed more mellow. Then Ms. Turner came and the studying seemed to go well. She has plenty of homework to finish before Thursday, when Ms. Turner comes back. She seems happy at the moment. : I
I have prayed very hard that this Dr tomorrow can open a door to figure this out and help her to feel better. She did tell me today that she just puts a smile on her face and acts happy so that everyone will think she's getting better. I really hope we can get her feeling better. She thinks I don't understand. When she's a mom, much later in life, she will know that not only do I understand, but I hurt with her every minute of the day. Here's to a great tomorrow and a door opening with the new DR. ~ please!!!

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