Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mark one more medical test off the list

Steff had her sleep study last night. Someone cancelled and we took their spot. Fine with me, I want to be finished with appointments ASAP. I keep saying I'm ready to close this chapter of our life. WELL!! I learned a couple of interesting things last night while Steff and I were chatting at the hospital. She is still having a few issues that I was not aware of. Dave says of course she isn't going to volunteer the information, she is starting to get her freedom back. He's right. I learned that she is still having twitches in her neck if she sits for an extended time. She is still twitching in her low back. Okay. Seems she has it under control. I had just started to relax and breathe when she is out of my sight. Guess I will rethink that! That puts a different spin on my going back to work! I was feeling pretty secure about going, thinking we were finished, BUT oh wait, I'm the one that rides the emotional roller coaster!! Seriously, though, I really thought she was through this. It takes me a bit to process new information, I'll be better later. So, I guess we are not ready to close this chapter just yet. It will be okay. We will get through this.
On a little lighter note. Steff finished her Stats final yesterday. Last day of home studying! She was very glad to be done. I'll check on her final grades this weekend. I don't think they will be on the parent site until after Friday. THEY were busy busy busy finishing up! Mission accomplished! I am SO glad they suggested the home bound studying! : ) Besides not having to try to sit all day, it kept her from being thrown into the classroom while she was so far behind. ~ Def a fantastic program. Not to mention that she was blessed with one of her favorite teachers to work with her. AND that we got to enjoy Megan and Morgan during this time! CUTE ~ CUTE girls!
Steff got in the pool yesterday with the girls! They were giggling and laughing hard. I love to hear kids having fun like that, it makes me smile. I know the water was cold. They built a raft and were floating around without getting wet ~ UNTIL they bounced each other into the water!
Then we all took a walk before Steff had to be at the hospital. Life is Good.
They woke her up this morning at 5:30!! She already showered to get that glue smell out of hair and face and is now relaxing on the couch. Wonder how long it will be before she falls to sleep! I think I might go in and join her! Have a good day!!!

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