Sunday, May 17, 2009

Senior proofs & Prom Pix

This is not the picture I wanted from prom> will try again later. There is still one at the bottom that is prom! This is the " smart " girl!!!! : )

Here are a few of Steff's Senior Pictures from Lucas. I'm missing one, and have repeated 2! LOL I'm new at this ~ and don't know how to take them off, so decided I would just leave them on! I'll try to tackle the last one later!! Didn't want to keep repeating! LOL Then there are a couple from prom on the bottom> just for a smile or two!! It is now 4:15 and the girl is STILL sleeping!


I know it's a repeat!! : )

Sam, Paige, Steff & Sadie ~ PROM!

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