Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday AM ~ lots of smiles

It's Friday morning and she is still knocked out. Typical day. I don't want to speed by on that roller coaster, but I do have good things to post. She had another good night of sleep last night. No episodes in how many days? I don't count, b/c then she has one. I do think this is the longest we have gone. YAY!! She kicked me out of her bed last night! Again, YAY!!! This means she is starting to feel safe again, and it's okay to be by herself. This also means I will get a full night of sleep!! Ah, the memory of my own bed. It also means I slept later than usual this morning! Must have been tired! LOL

I let her drive to school yesterday to talk to the counselor. She was excited and happy. Seems that someone realized she HAS to finish up her cadet teaching hours or she will lose her credit. I am so glad they caught this. I think this will motivate her to get there! On Monday or Tuesday, as I was trying to get her to go, she stated, "What's the point?" But now, there is a point. I know she gets frustrated, believe me! But doing things she used to do would help her feel normal again. Besides, she doesn't have to sit during those 3 hours of cadet teaching. She can move around and keep that back loose. Let's all hope she can do it without any set backs and that it raises her morale. She seemed excited about it yesterday. Getting out of bed to do it, though is another thing. Lucky for her, it can be the last 3 hours of the day! I'm glad.

We went yesterday to view her proofs from Lucas Photography. They were REALLY good! It will be hard to choose when we go order. Senior Pictures.... ... .. doesn't seem like we should be there yet!!

I had to reschedule her acupuncture appointment from today to Monday AM. She also has that Echo (sp) on her heart on Monday at 1:30. I can't reschedule that ~ so she will have to miss school on Monday. They still need to call and set up the appointment for the sleep study. Hoping that one is overnight and she can still do her 3 hours.

Okay. I have gotten several questions on email about Steff. I'll try to answer a few. Is she better? Yes. Is she back to normal? No. Do I still think it is the Gardasil? Yes I do. I don't think the Gardasil was the only thing going on here, but I do think it made things worse and complicated everything.

If you read the adverse effects on the Mayo Link, she has SEVERAL of those listed. IF you continue to read on that link, it also states that: These side effects may go away during treatment as your body adjusts to the medicine. I am holding onto that. Perhaps her body has quit fighting and is adjusting to the medicine. Who knows? All the detoxing she has done could have helped, or maybe not. All the distilled water she drinks could help or maybe not. All the vitamins and minerals she takes could be helping or maybe not. It could be all the prayers. I really don't know why she is getting better, really don't care WHY. I'm just glad to see it happening. I would like to put this DUCK to sleep and never have it visit again. It has been a very LONG four months for me. I am sure it has been even LONGER for her. Okay. Sounds like I need to get off that darn roller coaster before it drops down. I really hope we are making progress as it appears. We will continue all the things we are currently doing with her. We will still keep our thumbs on her head ~ making sure she gets plenty of rest, water, vitamins, etc. We are NOT there yet, but it looks to me like we are going in the right direction. Don't put her out of your prayers just yet. : )
One more thing about the Gardasil adverse effects (don't roll your eyes!) If I had this list from Mayo when we went for the shots, I would not have gotten her shot # 2 & 3. So, please share this information. I just would like other moms to be more educated than I was. Muscle and Joint pain was a BIG complaint of Steffanees from the very first shot! I didn't know to watch for it.

Okay, I completely got off track on the questions. LOL I'll try to answer a few more tomorrow. Probably need to start trying to get her up ~ it's a job!

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