Sunday, May 3, 2009

and it WAS a good night

Steff had a good time at prom! She didn't make it to a party, instead a few kids came over here. We have a mess this morning, but at least she was within reach. : ) Everyone was happy and sometimes that's all that matters. Harmony ~ ahhh.
She actually thought we could make the recital today. I really would have enjoyed it, BUT a. she didn't get enough rest b. I KNOW she could not have sat that long. c. I'm really tired d. the house is a total wreck ~ and she's down for the count right now.
She plans to go to school tomorrow for a while. Not sure of the details yet, but she still hasn't made it in to talk to the counselor yet. Monday she said. : )
She had fun last night, no episodes and laughed a lot. I would call that a good night for her. I hope tonight is just as good. Sleep is good, for all of us.
I'm off to get at least the kitchen cleaned up. I fixed breakfast!!

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