Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today was a New Day...

Steff had a restful night of sleep, but difficult time getting up for her appt at 10:30. We made it. The Dr was very nice and talked with Steffanee quite a bit. She also read through all the testing that we have had done. (I took that FULL folder) Someone was listening to me somewhere, b/c she informed me that almost all auto-immune testing had been done and was good. I smiled. That makes me happy. NO, not that they were listening, but that it was all neg. : ) She also poked and prodded on her a LOT. Her hips and low back are the worse of all the pain. The Dr suspects Bursa in her hips (I still need to look that one up). She again addressed the inflammation in her joints. She's going to take aleve 2X a day for a while to see if it helps. The DR. ordered a few tests, naturally Steff's favorite..... blood work. X-rays of her knees and hips. Echo (sp) of her heart, checking for Mitral Valve Prolapse, she said why, but didn't alarm me, so don't remember why. Plus she ordered a sleep test, to check if Steff is getting into a deep enough sleep. She seems to think she is fatigued b/c she isn't sleeping "deep". Steff has a hard time falling asleep b/c of the pain in her hips and back. Seems to me that once she's out---she's out. The test will tell. She did the blood and xrays today. As we left, I told Steff I felt that roller coaster going up.............she told me to get off the roller coaster. How can you stay positive and not be on a roller coaster? Perhaps I need to learn. So, that was our day.
OH! and the receptionist at the Dr office ran us coupons for KFC grilled chicken dinner, FREE.
So, we had free lunches. How often does that happen? : ) It was good.
She plans on staying home tonight to get her homework done and work on her dad so she can start driving again. AGH!! Yep, I told her to talk to him. I get tired of being the bad news bear.
Here's to hoping my prayers were answered today. I really hope it is that simple! I mean that they can fix these things. Dr also said this is typical of someone that is extremely flexible. Yep, that would be our girl. SO> let's hope this will bring some comfort to this child in her back, hips and knees, then the rest will follow. You know, like sitting for school. : )

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