Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things are getting back to NORMAL!

I do believe things are getting back to normal around here. Steff was driving me crazy tonight. Poking all over my body and laughing b/c it was aggravating me, then she moved onto Dave. I smiled, yep, I do believe she's back. Ahhhh. Then I realized I should be smiling instead of getting aggravated. She's like me, she likes to push, and push, laughing the entire time, knowing darn well that you're getting on their nerves!! The happiness is back in our household! : ) I'm SOOOO glad.
I went back to work. Some might say, part time. BUT I'm there! I took her to the dentist yesterday, and sure enough, those wisdom teeth need to come out. Might as well, they've done everything else to her!! LOL Not sure yet when we want to get that done. She has cheer camp in July, and I want her healthy for that! I took her to see the rheumotologist (sp) today. She cleared her, but wants her to see a genetic DR. ~ can't get in to see him until March 2010! I'm thinking what the heck ~ he's really in demand. All her tests were normal, of course. BUT the sleep study is not back yet. She said she'll call. And no, they don't tie them down to stop the tossing and turning, they give them meds. Yeah, I figured as much. She has acupuncture on Friday, then the Orthopedic for her knee on Monday. I did hear her today tell the DR and the nurse that she didn't have any pain in her back. THIS IS PROGRESS!!! I will give that credit to the acupuncture. He's working on her hips now too, so I'm hoping for more good results.
She's out running around now. My little homebody is spreading her wings ~ she's been gone 4 out of 5 evenings. She IS almost 18. I'm just glad to see her smiling and joking around. It feels good to be able to just relax ~ emotionally and physically! Life Is Good.

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  1. Awesome to hear. Been telling everyone I know with young girls, do your research. Thanks for sharing all of this Robin. Sorry Steff had to go through it, but maybe her story will help someone and prevent other girls this agony your family has been living.