Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mondays are good

Hey. Steff slept most of the day yesterday, then crashed as she was reading her book. Sleep is good. She had acupuncture today. He usually does ultrasound on both sides of her low back. Today, after feeling around on her "knots" he only did it on the right side. He said the left side felt pretty good. He did the acupuncture like he has each time. She then went off to school for her cadet teaching, came home for her homebound and just finished her homework. She is in bed reading her book for English. She and Becky felt like they wrapped up quite a bit tonight. Tomorrow night will be another late night. Cramming 7-8 hours of school into 4 is difficult, I'm sure. They are knocking it out though. : )
Nothing much new to report. She goes back for Acup on Friday. I get my long over due hair cut on Thursday. : ) Last h/c I had was with Steff having those eyeballs rolling into the back of her head and quivering all over her eyes. Bad memory! Yep, it's been quite the experience.
Hard to believe that school is out this week. Time flies. Going to be time to open the pool! THAT's good relaxing news. : ) I love the sun & water. : )

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  1. Hi Robin
    I tried to e-mail you but it keeps coming back as undeliverable. You can contact me at cbwade@hotmail.com.