Friday, May 22, 2009

It's already Friday??

Hard to believe school is out. But today was the last day for Hallsville kids. Steff was very tired again this morning, but she got up at 8:30, 1/2 day, had to be there early to get her hours in. She made it, came home to study for her Statistics test. She had acupuncture at 2. He isn't finding much difference in her right side. Today when he did the acup. he added more needles (??? are they needles?? pins??) to her right ankle and her calf. She goes back on Wednesday of next week. She was pretty chill when we left. She had home study after that. She took the Stats test. Becky's kids were playing in the pool while she took it. I KNOW Steff was dying to be out there playing with them. She admitted it after they left. They get to come back next week, b/c Steff has to do a review, then take 2 finals for Stats, then they are finally finished. Not sure what we will do with our evenings then!! : ) I've enjoyed hanging out with Ms. Turner's girls! Cute kids.
Steffanee Kaitlin is a Senior. She kept telling me that today. And kept asking what kind of a life will I have when she leaves for college? She honestly thinks I will be lost w/o her. At first I probably will, but I'm not going to shut down and die. I told her that Dave & I will prob go to Hawaii, Cancun, and travel quite a bit. HA. She didn't think that was funny. I told her we would have a no clothing house when she leaves. She grossed out. I'm sure we will miss her and have that empty nest sadness for a while. But we will think of something to do while she's gone, I"M SURE!! Besides, do they ever REALLY leave? Seems to me that they keep coming back for a while! LOL For food, to wash clothes or ask you to do it, $$, I could go on. : ) A Spoiled child to say the least!! ~ Life is Good.
We obviously opened the pool last night. UGH! The water is clean, but the bottom of the pool is pretty nasty. That's high on my list tomorrow. Summer is here. Enjoy your holiday!! RWB!!

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  1. So good to hear Steff is on the mend. Keep her and you in my prayers.