Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day...

Ah.. today is my day. Breakfast at Jack's with Josh & Steff. Phil & Datyn were cleaning the house while we were gone. All the kids are working on a BBQ for dinner. Life is good. To add to all that joy, the medical money girl slept very good last night. Sounded like she hardly moved all night.
She's kicking it on the couch now, resting.
Tomorrow we have a full day. She has acupuncture at 10, that echo thing for her heart at 1:30, home bound study at 4 ~ most of the day won't require much physical activity for her, but will for me, running her here and there. I won't know what to do when all these DR visits are over. Oh yeah, it's called work. ha. Baby steps, but things seem to be getting much better. 15 minute episodes are much better than those that lasted more than an hour! I KNOW she's getting better, because she is taking the time to fix her hair again, and taking 4-ever to put her makeup on. She had been just throwing her hair up and skipping the make up, unless she put it on in the car. There's my Mother's Day Present! A healthy girl would be good! Actually they got me an Ipod, and Josh is putting music on it for me! : ) Yep, life is good. Have a GREAT day ~ each and every one of you!!!

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  1. Life IS good Robin! I am am so happy that you are all feeling better .It makes me feel good too!
    Lots of love to all of you,
    The Blonde