Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Tuesday

Steff went to the chiro yesterday. He did ultrasound and a little acupuncture. She did fine with it. He plans to do more on Friday. It was kind of cool to watch. She said it didn't hurt and she fell asleep during her 15 minutes. I then took her to cheer leading practice, to sit, watch and learn. I assumed it would be okay for her to attend. She has an appt tomorrow with the rheumotologist (sp), hope we can get some help there.
She had a restless night last night. Mild compared to where we started. Sometimes I feel we are really making progress, other times, I'm not sure. We talked about getting her back on a schedule last night. Up by 8, down by 10. She could work on her homework and see how her body tolerates less rest. Attend school for a couple of afternoon hours, then study with Ms. Turner. It sounded like a plan. She is still sound asleep. I have tried several times to get her up. I guess she thought tomorrow! LOL
Hope today is a good day and she gets to bed early tonight. It seems to me that 12 hours of sleep is excessive. BUT she has always been a sleeper. Rest is good, but DANG!! So is life. : )

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  1. Hey Robin, Sorry to hear about all of this going on with Steff. Just wanted to let you know that I will keep all of you in my prayers.
    Karen Stone