Tuesday, May 26, 2009

and now it's Tuesday

Nothing but smiles and good news here. Steff had another good weekend. She went to graduation and was up late both nights. She seemed to maintain the strong body. : ) I don't like to watch her push it to the limit, but I am the mom. She has probably 2 more days of home study to finish up her year. She called her job at Justice and asked them to put her on the summer schedule. They were glad to hear from her, so I'm guessing she will get some hours. Limited Too became Justice, if you didn't know. She's back on the road again. OH! And Saturday, she actually cleaned her room w/o me asking or yelling. This is def a step in the right direction. You can now walk through her room and see the carpet!!! This is good.
I think we are there. I just read a paper she had to write for school. It states that "the walls are no longer closing in on me" ~ It's about her last 5 months. It brought tears to my eyes, but was well written. She is a very smart girl, with a good attitude about life. Here's to one day at a time.
I'll touch base with the finishing of school. : ) All she has left is Stats, I think. Finals.

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