Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We should know something on Friday.

Hey! I wish I could post a bunch of good news, but can't. Steff has been having a difficult time since last week with her hips/knees. Yesterday, it went into her entire body. She slept most of the day on Sunday, went to bed at a reasonable time that night, but could NOT get up for school on Monday morning. Dave stayed home with her. She slept until 12:00. Mono has crossed my mind. She says she feels like she has been hit by a truck, her whole body hurts. I sent DR. Mark an email, he answered today. Here is his reply:
It sounds like an immune system response. It is normal to feel this way when the immune system has a response. Think of how you feel when you have the flu. You feel that way (body aches, joint pain, fatigue, etc.) not because of the infection but because of your immune systems response to the infection. Have her rest as much as possible. I hope to have everything together so we can have a consult by Friday and have a game plan for moving forward.
That made me feel better. At least there is a plan in place. She did make it to school today. No makeup, comfortable clothing. : ) Sooo unlike her for school, but oh well, she doesn't feel well. She made herself go and made it all day. We decided to do the GABA test today. I believe it's supposed to let us know if she has a broken barrier in her brain. IF I understood him correctly, she does NOT if she falls asleep within 1 1/2- 2 hours and sleeps all night. I DEF would say she is knocked out. She took the pills at 6, was out by 7 and is still asleep. I HOPE that is good news. Some have asked what GABA stands for> it's actually GABA500. Gamma Aminobutyric Acid.
Whatever that is. LOL
On the food front! Which has become a nightly job for me. Tonight, I learned to make my own taco seasoning. I couldn't find it without MSG in it. Remember, MSG goes straight to the brain. Anyway, I made chicken burritos. Deb found Steff some Gluten free tortilla soft shells. AND I made Guacomole again. She likes it a lot with the sea salt rice chips. It's a shame those are so expensive (compared to normal), because I like them too. Last night I fried chicken strips in a tad of olive oil, with ranch potato chunks, and zucchini. Dave is home this week, hoping he will take dinner tomorrow night. His fish is much better than mine, not sure why, but it is. Enough about food. : )
8:00, still hasn't moved. LOL
Well, that's about all I know today. I'm excited to hear from Dr. Flannery on Friday. I hope he has a plan, possible even an EASY plan of treatment. One that's not to hard on our budget. But whatever it is, we'll deal.
She came home tonight chatting about colleges. Hard for me to think about colleges, when all I can think about is her health. But I'm glad she's focused and is making a plan. Still wanting to do pediatric physical therapy. She thinks it would be cool to go to school in Florida. Well, yes, Ms. Steff, it would. BUT let's be realistic. ~ she doesn't get it, Dave & I will help her to get it, later. I cannot imagine her being that far from home, not as dependent as she is on us. BUT, we'll see, stranger things have happened. I'm out>>> cooking means dirty dishes>> UGH!!

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