Thursday, October 1, 2009

ONE more FULL day/night OF homecoming

WOW! This week has been extremely hard on STeff, but she is enjoying every minute of it. She still has that shaking feeling inside of her body ~ hoping that more sleep/rest will take care of that. I spoke with Dr. Mark today, the plan is... to do her saliva testing on Saturday, Urine on Sunday, Blood on Monday. I'll be mailing the first 2 off on Monday.
Anyway, I pray that she last through Friday evening. Saturday she can sleep all day> I'll just wake her to do the saliva test.
I need to go figure out lunch for tomorrow> that's a new thing in our lives. I used to just throw a sandwich together, chips, snack and that was it. Now it takes a lot of thinking ~ but I'm fixing mine as we go> we have to be getting healthier! She informed me tonight that she has lost 4 pounds. She was happy. ???
I'm out, trying to get things wrapped up early~ I'm exhausted!

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